Governing Board Minutes 4-15-13

Tybee Island Maritime Academy Governing Board Meeting Minutes


Board members in attendance: Carolyn Jurick, Cindy Cupp, Christen Clougherty, Brenda Marion, Kay Fortner, Perb Fortner, Summer Robinson, Bill Robinson, and TIMA principal, Doug Clark

After an Open House with the new principal, Doug Clark, Carolyn opened the meeting at 7:52 pm, welcoming the board members present as well as those in the audience. Dr. Clougherty made a motion to approve the previous meeting minutes with corrections and Kay Fortner seconded; all voting board members present were in agreement.

Treasurer’s Report

Kay reported a balance of $18,323.74 with a net loss of $1,080.63 for the month of March. Expenses included fire inspection for the school buildings; website design ($1,042.56); banners for open enrollment, among others. April balance was $16,836.77, with expenses including $1186 for a full page Savannah Morning News ad; checks; envelopes; and other miscellaneous supplies.

On 4/15/13, Kay was thrilled to report receiving a very generous check in the amount of $25,000 from Anne West’s Foundation. Anne is a Tybee resident and placed no restrictions on the use of funds. Discussion ensued to use funds for new school signage on both buildings as well as on Butler Avenue. Cindy Cupp made a motion to earmark the funds for signage, Bill Robinson seconded the motion, and with all voting members present in agreement, the motion passed.

Kay will work with Doug Clark on the budget moving forward, including Tybee Tour of Homes monies through 6/30/14.

Old Business

  • Facility/Technology/Implementation Grant Updates

Carolyn Jurick and Perb Fortner met with the architects and diocese representative; Tom Beytaugh is working on #s; Perb is working with a company to make the school totally wireless as well as working with Frank Kelly from parish council to get the C.O. (certificate of occupancy). We may need additional offsite/secure/climate-controlled storage area for high-value purchases from grant, such as computers, but need to follow the charter for types of insurance specified. Perb and Carolyn met with the SCCPSS person in charge of technology to be sure we are on track. Perb asked Vanessa and David Fields with SCCPSS for insurance recommendations and Carolyn/Kay were tasked with finding out who Oglethorpe Charter School uses. Kay asked if anyone knows someone with a business where we could temporarily store the items in question, and it was decided that as long as the insurance covers off-campus storage (and, if not, perhaps a rider can be obtained).Someone from the audience suggested the SCCPSS Whitney Admin Complex off President St. and Carolyn said she would check with SCCPSS contacts for site recommendation(s). Another audience member suggested checking with the city of Tybee for space at the old school/YMCA where they store records and Tybee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) materials.

  • Furniture Update

Carolyn met with furniture salespeople; Doug and Carolyn discussed what to order (e.g., tables instead of desks, etc.); furniture items can be stored onsite. Preference is for teachers to be allowed to make their own selections and bids will include tables, chairs, desks, cafeteria tables, etc.).

  • Website Update                                                                           

Brenda is working with Jillison to get Registration form and checklist live. Teacher and Secretary/Bookkeeper positions were unpublished as both posts are currently closed. It was requested that we archive meeting minutes on website and Cindy said she would get electronic copies to Brenda to do so. It was also suggested that we add a link/form for those interested in applying for the governing board, and Brenda agreed to do so, along with making sure Google docs and calendar are updated.

  • Presentation to Board on April 10

We requested $225 more per student than last year, approximately $6,433/student, which is based on what May Howard students get as opposed to the number SCCPSS gave us which was based on an average of elementary school numbers, but less than May Howard per student allocation. Audience question asked if we get additional funds for FTE, to which Carolyn replied, “No. We get a flat fee per student.” A question on special education funding was also asked and responded to by saying it will depend on how many students we end up with and what number have special needs.

New Business

  • Secretary/Accountant Update

Carolyn hoped we would have a list of all applications by 4/15/13, over 100 people applied, but as of the meeting, we did not have anything. The posting closed 4/11/13. Since Doug Clark is in town for a few days, we are hoping to get the applications and have him start interviewing candidates ASAP.

  • Student Registrations

We have 131 students enrolled, although none have registered yet. Although we had hard copies of the registration form on hand and plan to have online version available within the next week, we are still working out details of when we want registration forms returned; preference is to wait until we have a secretary in place who can take care of receiving them so board does not have to. Carolyn clarified that students need to enroll AND register. Audience questioned if there is a large discrepancy between the 131 students currently enrolled and those who actually register, will we still have enough funds to begin operating in fall 2013, to which Carolyn replied, “Yes, because of the grant,” and continued saying she has never known that many families to switch.

  • Project-Based Training

Jo Sigman will be traveling from Portland, OR, July 17-19 for teacher training in project-based learning (PBL). She will lead teachers through a compressed project and they will have access to reading materials in advance to prepare. Jo submitted an agenda, which is included with these minutes. It was agreed to purchase materials now since the funds are already covered by the grant and we need to spend them/take receipt of materials by June 30, 2013. Doug Clark suggested we also include the 5th grade materials for next year while we have funds in hand to cover them and all agreed. Jo is a big proponent of everyone possible from the school staff attending her seminar. Part of her training fees include ongoing phone and email support. Christen asked for recommendations of Tybee hotels/rentals to put up Jo (funds are already allocated in grant).

5 day PBL training for Doug Clark at U of I in early July planned; Carolyn and Christen will double check that there is still space available.

  • Maritime Summer Training

Discussion on moving July SMART training in Virginia to June in Savannah so it’s more relevant to local maritime and further develops relationships with area groups like the Port Authority. Teachers would then write their personal curriculums based on the training. If moved to June in Savannah, Dr. Cindy Cupp would organize the various agencies with whom teachers would meet. Additionally, if we move from July to June, we can use grant monies/save money on travel expenses to VA. Cindy asked for input on suggested sites/agencies and board agreed to email them to her to compile. A teacher in the audience suggested that we do PBL training prior to maritime training, but the PBL dates are set based on Jo’s availability, so maritime curriculum training will stay in June. Someone else in audience suggested we take advantage of our unique opportunity to link with truly local environments like the oyster reefs, shrimpers, i.e. smaller enterprises than the ports. Kay asked how moving training from July to June will affect budget; Carolyn replied she was not sure, but that it would probably be beneficial since we have $17,000 allotted for staff development and this will both save on travel expenses and Tin VA to Savannah area in June with Cindy organizing. Bill seconded the motion and all voting board members agreed.

Once it was agreed to move training to Savannah in June, Cindy explained her idea to have each teacher write a book based on what they learned and applicable to their grade level. She offered to bring a pen and ink sketch artist with whom she has worked for years to help teachers illustrate their work. The targeted date to bring him in from his home in Washington, DC is July 26 and he would charge $400 for his services, which would include approximately 32 illustrations per book. Christen asked what the benefit to teachers would be from this project and Doug explained that the primary benefit is that kids will be excited that their teacher is the author of the work they are studying.

Discussion ensued on the number of training days required of teachers this summer and whether adding an additional book-writing project might be too much. Summary of 3-4 days of maritime training in June: it will serve to educate teachers on the definition of maritime; introduce them to the resources around us; help them see what they can tie to our standards/what connections they can make. The book will be a final project resulting in a way to get staff to apply what they learn and creating something from it (i.e., teachers taking ownership). In July, they will have someone on site to help with book illustrations. Cindy shared examples of TIMA mascot drawings that artist designed thus far based on Cindy’s input. Teachers could work together on their book (e.g., 2 kindergarten teachers could work together to co-author a book used in both classes). Having written and published numerous curriculum books, Cindy estimates only about 5 hours of work needed for each teacher to spend on his or her book. Based on the above discussion points, the board agreed to use grant funds in support of teacher-written book project with artist coming in to help illustrate their respective visions.

  • Cell Phone

The board agreed to cover the costs of a school-owned cell phone for use by the principal. Bill made the initial motion and Summer seconded it. All voting board members agreed and Carolyn said she would research contract options and make a recommendation at next meeting.

Upcoming Events

  • Student Registration

Student registration efforts are ongoing

  • MLET

MLET meeting Thursday night will be attended by Doug, Cindy, and Carolyn

Bill made a motion to move to executive session and Carolyn seconded; all voting members agreed.


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