Governing Board Minutes 1-14-13

Tybee Island Maritime Academy

Founding/Governing Board


January 14, 2013



Board Members in attendance: Carolyn, Christen, Wanda, Perb

Minutes from the last meeting could not be approved due to lack of a quorum


Old Business

  • Treasurer’s Report – Bank Balance is $26,186.57 as of 12-31-12
  1. We paid $900.00 to Jillison Parks for Web site design.
  2. We have received $250.00 from Waste Pro in January for the Spelling Bee Sponsorship.
  • Facility-Update- Perb

Carolyn and I met with Walter Cornish and Bill Shearhouse who represent the Diocese to review and revise the lease that we have presented to them. We had open and receptive discussion on several points for clarification and various negotiations. We discussed such things:

  1. Proper name for the Landlord which includes the actual Bishop
  2. Property definitions
  3. Security deposit
  4. Insurance terms and specifics
  5. Revisions have been made to the lease and represented to Walter and Bill for their review and action.
  6. The final lease will be written and approved by Joe Brennan, the Attorney for the Diocese.
  7. We all know that the final lease signature is date sensitive due the Bishop leaving on an extended trip
  8. Frank is working with EMC architect for the information necessary for Fire Safety and ADA
  9. Wanda suggested that we let her know if we need Dr. Lockamy for anything – he has visited with her
  • Implementation Grant-Update-Carolyn/Christen – The Grant has been submitted (it had to be re-submitted after additional signatures) We should know the results in two weeks






  • EMC Phase I Environmental Study update-Perb

Engineering Requirements – We have contracted with EMC Engineering Services in Savannah to handle the services required for the Phase I Environmental Assessment (ESA) and to perform a Risk/Hazard Analysis

  1. They have completed the site visit to establish the drawings and rough plat needed
  2. They have begun the on site survey of potential environmental hazards within one and three miles which includes a number of things; the gasoline trucks and propane trucks that go by the school, Electrical wires and so on.
  3. Surveys are being taken of individuals who might be aware of the potential hazards including city staff, fire chief and others.
  4. We expect a preliminary report next week.
  • Website-Christen – The web site is up and running. Contact Christen if you see corrections that need to be made. It does have the principal posting on the web site but applications will go through the Savannah system. The teacher posting is set to go up on February 1. There is a section on the web site that is frequently asked questions that should help everyone.
  • Student Expo-Carolyn/Christen –Carolyn and Cindy attended the “job fair” on Hutchinson Island. There was lots of interest and many good comments.

          New Business

  • Open House-January 29, 2013—needs, etc. –It was requested that the announcement be in as many church bulletins as possible. The marquees should have the message on them as well.
  1. We should have a script with talking points and details that all follow as we present the information to the attendees – this way everyone should give the same message. This would include how to register a student – when registration opens and closes, transportation information, and school times.
  2. For the January 29th open house, I
  • It was suggested that we might want to consider having booths from the Y, Light house and marine science center
  • Other suggestions include, pictures of the furniture since class rooms are not available, Posters of the smart boards, the “I-Pads” to give them a better feel of what will be available
  • Demo of project based teaching
  • Refreshments were suggested such as “cookies and a beverage
  • Christen should have a Power Point that continuously rotates as a demo during the open house
  • We need to make the gym have a warm and cozy feeling of a home town school


  • Furniture and supplies—donation – Cindy Cupp has donated a truckload of furniture, supplies, etc. that we will be able to use – thank you Cindy!
  • Advertise for Principal and Interviewing - Carolyn would like to advertise for the principal’s position. Those in attendance approved up to $750 for Carolyn to advertise, as she deems appropriate. She already has some resumes for the position.
  • Student Round up _ Cindy is ready to go out to get students – Brenda and Susan will assist in this effort. The marketing committee came up with a list of places that could host a short presentation about the Academy and answer questions.
  • Principal postings (costs) –See above


            Upcoming Events

  1. Tybee Island Yard Sale – It was suggested that we consider hosting a combined yard sale or individual sales with a percentage to go to TiMA. Open House-January 29, 2013
  2. Interviews for Principals [Those board members assigned to be on the interview team will set up the interviews.]
  3. Student registrations –Will be available on line from February 1 to March 31.


  • Margie Rosen shared copies of paintings she has on display at the Dragonfly Studio. She will donate a portion of the prices she receives from the sale of the paintings to TIMA


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