Project-Based Learning

In addition to an integrated approach to maritime studies, TIMA's curriculum will focus on a Project-based learning model developed by Chard and Katz, the Project Approach.

Children's Natural Curiosity

Project-based learning is active and engaging. It inspires deeper learning into subjects. It is hands-on, integrated, and based on the motivation of children's natural curiosity. Projects often stem from the curriculum and student interests. Guided by the teacher, the students ask questions, find answers, solve problems, and build understanding. Students are encouraged to use their strengths and are challenged to grow in other areas.

Since projects often originate from a child's interest, the projects become a carefully designed enterprise involving research, design and application of knowledge and the necessary acquired skills. The projects are an opportunity to naturally integrate technologies.

Demonstrating Learning

Students communicate their learning in a variety of ways, such as clay models, posters, self-published books, dramatizations, oral reports, descriptive artwork and multimedia presentations. Their "audience" varies depending on the project.

Learning to Learn

In the context of their work, students learn and practice basic skills in a natural and engaging way that integrates literacy, mathematics, science, arts, social skills and higher-level thinking. Students are learning how to learn, as much as they're learning the curriculum. Project-based learning includes 21st Century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity and responds to the whole child: the physical, mental, social, and intellectual development through these multi-faceted challenges.

A project-based classroom at TIMA is full of a sense of purpose. Children develop a high level of self-esteem from their accomplishments and learning from their failures. A project-based classroom is a very flexible workspace, with students doing many different activities at the same time. At TIMA, you will see students actively learning about the world and themselves as learners.


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