Child-Centered Learning

TIMA's child-centered learning focus comes from research about how children learn best. Child-centered education nourishes multiple intelligences, engages different learning styles, and honors the energetic curiosity of young children.

Our Curriculum Is...

Developmentally Appropriate
Children who learn when they are developmentally ready are naturally enthusiastic and love learning. Since children develop at different rates, students in a classroom may be working at different levels of complexity. Each child is introduced to new ideas and skills when he or she is ready, learning in a context of play and exploration. Goals for each child are based on his or her individual needs.

Integrated Around Projects
Solving real-life problems requires a creative union of skills and knowledge from many disciplines. Our curriculum uses projects, built around students' interests, to teach academic skills and knowledge. Science, mathematics, social studies, language and the arts are integrated in schoolwork just as they are in the real world.

Our students are encouraged to experience concepts, and learn by doing. We emphasize learning in a meaningful, authentic way. The value of a hands-on approach is beautifully captured in the Chinese proverb, "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand."


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