Character Education

At TIMA we believe our students' character development is as vital as their academic growth. Our character education program guides our entire community's growth as caring citizens and engaged learners. Our core character education principles include:

Embodying our values: Our learning environment and our actions are shaped by our core values and beliefs: Respect, Non-violence, Empathy, Altruism, Honesty, and Responsibility.

Common Language: When we all agree to discuss, understand and solve problems using predictable, respectful and agreed-upon methods, we foster community-wide equity.

Discovery over Time: Individual growth evolves over time and at varied rates through interactions with our community and environment and is not dependent on a static, prescribed timeline.

Inclusion: Acting with care and responsibility challenges us to value everyone's intrinsic gifts.

Creativity: When given the freedom and responsibility to express ourselves creatively, our capacity to be fully human blossoms.

Collaboration: Cooperating and learning from others builds both individual strength and communal trust.

Role Modeling: Teachers, staff, families and students model positive and effective communication, empathetic problem solving and decision-making strategies in our daily actions and activities.

Integrated at each grade level, our character education curriculum focuses on service-learning, problem solving skills development, leadership development, mentoring, peer mentoring, peer mediation, and conflict management.


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