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At TIMA, science is considered to be the process of actively exploring and discovering the world around us. A child's understanding of a scientific concept requires direct experience. Children come to understand concepts best when they have "discovered" ideas for themselves through a project-based approach to teaching.

Maritime focus is easily understood when looking at maritime history. This subject covers human relationships to the ocean, the seas, and major waterways. This topic includes the study of ships, shipping, navigating, fishing, whaling, international maritime law, naval history, coast guard, ship design, ship building, navigation, oceanography, cartography, hydrography, sea exploration, maritime economics and trade. This also includes shipping, yachting, seaside resorts, the history of lighthouses and aids to navigation.

The subject of maritime also includes maritime themes in literature, art, sailors, passengers, and sea-related communities, sea travel, and transportation.

TIMA is the first and only elementary school in the state of Georgia with an educational program focused on career choices with emphasis on maritime education integrated with the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS). TIMA is the second maritime focused elementary school in the U.S. The academic program of TIMA will be modeled after the original and highly successful public charter school, Palm Beach Maritime Academy (PBMA) located in Palm Beach, Florida. PBMA is an A rated Florida public chartered kindergarten through eighth grade school founded in 1999.


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