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How does the Lottery work?

Open Admission will be January 2017. In order to begin the enrollment process you must complete the Admission Application.

Once Open Admission ends, we will begin admitting students to the school. Due to high interest in the school, we may need to admit students based on a random selection process, or lottery. If TIMA does not receive enrollment applications from Tybee Island students that meet or exceed the number of available spaces per grade, students from both Tybee Island and Chatham County will be placed in a lottery. All families will be notified of child's acceptance or wait list status after the lottery. Grade levels that do not reach enrollment capacity will continue to enroll students on a first-come, first-served basis after Open Admission.

Finalized acceptance and registration into Tybee Island Maritime Academy is contingent upon verification of information submitted.

Open Admission
Submit Admission Application Forms

Lottery (when applicable)

Parents must provide all registration materials during this window or risk losing their child's space in the school.

Registration for remaining slots from the waitlist lottery.


What is a Charter School?
The Education Commission of the States (1996) offers a comprehensive definition. "Charter schools create an alternative form of public schooling. The goal of charter schools is to lift restraints from public schools so they can pursue innovative teaching methods that will improve student performance. They are designed to give significant autonomy to individual schools and, in turn, to hold those schools accountable for results. A charter is essentially a contract, negotiated between those people starting the school and the official body authorized to approve the charter. The charter spells out how the school will be run, what will be taught, how success will be measured and what students will achieve. As long as the school meets the terms of its charter, it is free from many of the rules and regulations that apply to other public schools. And unlike other public schools, if the school fails to meet those terms, the charter can be revoked and the school closes."

> Visit Georgia Charter Schools Association for more information


Do you have to pay to attend a Charter School?
No. TIMA is a publicly funded elementary school.


Is there before- and after-school care?
Yes! Both before and after-school care will be offered by the Tybee Island YMCA held at the school.


How do students get to school? Transit times/Transportation
SCCPSS provides free transportation to or from school to all families who live further than 1.5 miles from school. Other transportation options include walking (including "walking school buses," in which adults take turns walking with children), bicycling, and carpools. It should be noted that the SCCPSS has a policy that no student shall be subject to a bus ride longer than one hour and a half, and they are committed to doing everything in their power to keep student rides below that maximum.


How do I find out the bus stop schedule?


What are the bell times?
9:15 am starting bell, 4:00 pm ending bell

Is there a school uniform?
Yes, parents voted for uniforms and the students voted on the colors. Light blue or navy polo shirts and khaki or navy bottoms are required. Parents also voted that the shirts should be embroidered with the TIMA logo. All uniform items are available through Bahama Joe's,, 4755 Waters Avenue, Savannah, GA, 912-355-6960 or Caldwell's Cottage in the Tybee Oaks shopping center on Tybee with the school logo monogrammed on the shirts. Uniform polo shirts can also be purchased from Walmart, Old Navy, the Gap, etc. and then taken to Caldwell's cottage or any other source you have, for monogramming the school logo.

Students are expected to wear appropriate undergarments.

Shoes need to have backs and we ask that tennis shoes be worn on the days that the children have physical education.

 What are the age requirements?

Students entering Kindergarten need to be age five (5) or older prior to September 1.
Students entering 1st grade need to be age six (6) or older prior to September 1.


What dates should I be aware of?

Open Admission
Submit Admission Application Form (available for pick up at school or on website)

Returning students submit recommitment forms sent home and available online

Lottery (when applicable)

Parents must provide all registration materials during this window or risk losing their child's space in the school

Registration for remaining slots from the waitlist lottery


Does TIMA have an academically or intellectually gifted program?
TIMA believes that all students have a right to educational experiences that challenge their individual development whether it is below, at, or beyond the level of their age peers. Following this philosophy, TIMA makes provisions for the special needs of gifted and talented learners. Through our project-based learning approach, students engage in class projects that challenge all students on an individual level based on their academic abilities and interests. We believe that all of our students should have differentiated educational services throughout the day, within all instructional areas, and within their classroom.


Does TIMA serve school lunches?
Lunches are provided through the Savannah Chatham County Public School System.

Breakfast: All students served at no charge.

Adults: $2.00


Students - $2.25 Full Price and $0.40 for Reduced

Adults - $3.50

Meals must be paid for with cash at the school.

Meals can be purchased daily, weekly, monthly, etc., but must be bought through the cafeteria at the school.


Does the school have a PTA or PTVA, or a site team that includes parents?
TIMA seeks to have a very strong and involved Parent Teacher Volunteer Association (PTVA). TIMA will encourage communication between parents and teachers, raise parents' awareness of all aspects of the school and promote parents' involvement in school issues, to raise and administer funds to support the acquisition of educational materials including technology beyond those provided by the state and SCCPSS. The PTVA will be the main means of communication between the Governing Board and parents.


Are there expectations of parents or guardians?
Parents or guardians are expected to volunteer in whatever capacity they can. TIMA has set a recommended parent volunteer minimum of 10 hours for single parents or guardians and 20 hours for couples each year. Parent or guardian activities include but are not limited to participating in community service, chaperoning field trips, assisting teachers in technology and the arts, assisting in the office or health clinic, assisting with meals, library partnership, landscaping, building upkeep and maintenance, baking treats (cookies, cupcakes, etc.), fundraisers, and other opportunities as they arise. Parents or guardians may also serve in leadership positions as members of the Founding/Governing Board as well as on other committees, such as facilities and assessment.

Parents or guardians are encouraged to visit the school regularly and are expected to be involved in the behavior support processes designed to promote positive choices and behavior. Parents or guardians will be required to meet or speak with teachers at least twice each year through conferences, e-mail and by phone. All parents will be informed of Governing Board activities by monthly meeting minutes that will be distributed in the weekly communication folders and/or website.


How can I help out at school? What if I work full-time?
Whatever your talents or interests, we can use them! Talk with your child's teacher, and be sure to return the Parent Participation survey included in our June mailing (with your child's class assignment).
While we welcome classroom volunteers, we recognize that not everyone is able to help during the day. There are many other ways to fill the four hours a month we ask of all families.


How are classes grouped at TIMA?
The benefits of multi-age groupings are numerous, including improvements in social skills through peer modeling and interaction, a classroom climate that inspires positive self-concept, confidence, and cooperation, increased learning and evidence of such on standardized tests, better attendance rates, and better discipline (Forester and Reinhard, p. 205-209).

Cathleen Cotton, in 1993, concluded from 26 research reports that multi-aged groupings had positive effects in attitudes towards school, self-concept, classmates, and the future. Further, behavior in multi-age settings improved in terms of social skill development, leadership skills, pro-social behaviors, and attendance (McClay, p. 6-7).


Who can attend TIMA?

Attendance Zone
All students in Chatham County are encouraged to participate in the lottery.
The primary attendance zone for TIMA is the entire geographic area of Tybee Island, which includes Spanish Hammock, Disabled American Veterans Island and other islands and inlets located east of the Lazaretto Creek Bridge. The secondary attendance zone of TIMA Charter School is all of Chatham County. What this means is, if the number of available spaces in a particular grade are met or exceeded by the number of lottery applicants from the primary attendance zone, the secondary attendance zone applicants are not placed in the lottery. Therefore, if the primary attendance zone applicants do not meet the available spaces for a particular grade, all applicants within Chatham Country are placed in the lottery.

Enrollment Priorities
TIMA offers enrollment priority to the following categories of applicants and in the following order:


How will maritime curriculum be incorporated at TIMA?
Tybee Island Maritime Academy (TIMA) will be the first and only elementary school in the state of Georgia with an educational program focused on career choices with emphasis on maritime education integrated with the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS). TIMA will be the second maritime focused elementary school in the U.S. The academic program of TIMA will be modeled after the original and highly successful public charter school, Palm Beach Maritime Academy (PBMA) located in Palm Beach, Florida. PBMA is an A rated Florida public chartered kindergarten through eighth grade school founded in 1999.

At Tybee Island Maritime Academy, science is considered to be the process of actively exploring and discovering the world around us. A child's understanding of a scientific concept requires direct experience. Children come to understand concepts best when they have "discovered" ideas for themselves through a project-based approach to teaching.


What is Service-Learning?
Service-learning is a method…

  1. under which students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service experiences that meet actual community needs and that are coordinated in collaboration with the school and community;
  2. that is integrated into the students' academic curriculum or provides structured time for the student to think, talk, or write about what the student did and saw during the actual service activity;
  3. that provides students with opportunities to use newly acquired skills and knowledge in real-life situations in their own communities; and
  4. that enhances what is taught in school by extending student learning beyond the classroom and into the community and helps to foster the development of a sense of caring for others. -National and Community Service Act of 1990


How is Service-Learning Different from Community Service?
Service-learning differs from other forms of volunteerism or community service because of the focus on connecting the service experience to the curriculum. During service-learning students actively participate in the process of their learning by integrating and applying knowledge from various subject areas as they work to improve their communities.


Why is Service-Learning Important?

  • Students benefit academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • Students develop life skills with the goal of promoting future civic responsibility and active participation in their community.
  • Students are exposed to the diversity of their community.
  • Allows teachers to make school more relevant for their students.
  • Community partners receive needed services or support through a mutually beneficial relationship.


How far is it to TIMA? Not as far as you think!

May Howard
115 Wilmington Island Rd.
31410 11
Coastal Middle School
4595 US Hwy 80 E.
31410 11 ¾
Thunderbolt Elementary
3313 Louis St.
31404 14
East Broad Elementary
400 East Broad St.
31401 17
Charles Ellis Montessori
220 E. 49th St.
31405 17
Esther Garrison
649 W. Jones St.
31401 18
414 Lee Blvd.
31405 19
Isle of Hope Elementary
100 Parkersburg Rd.
31406 21 ½
Windsor Forest Elementary
414 Briarcliff Cir.
31419 23 ½
1516 King George Blvd
31419 28 ¾


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