Governing Board Minutes 3-3-17

          Governing Board

                                                     Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2017

Welcome: Carolyn Jurick

Carolyn Jurick welcomed the group and started the meeting at 6:30 pm. She introduced Russ Moore, who is working on our charter renewal.

Board members in attendance: Carolyn Jurick, Perb Fortner, Kay Fortner, Heather Harvey, Sara Mitchell, Brenda Marion, Duff Smith, Christy Edwards, Tammy Smith

Minutes: Brenda Marion

Perb Fortner moved to approved February meeting minutes; Kay seconded; all in favor.

Budget: Kay Fortner


The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for February 2017. The reconciled bank balances are BB&T $1,100,430.07, PayPal TIMA $ 2,310.02, and PayPal Tour of Homes $ 2,909.44  or a total of $ 1,105,649.53 for the month ending February 31, 2017.


February 2017


$ 3,350.00  Donations Anne West Foundation $3,000.00, Ga Assoc for Health Neff  $250.00, KJD Legal $100.00

$ 279.10 Dress Down Day

$ 135.00  Tour of Homes Fundraiser Expense Devivo web site

$ 2,270.18 Elizabeth’s on 37th Fundraiser Expense Food and Supplies $ 1,427.00, Equipment Rental $ 1,268.18, Tickets $ 425.00

$ 608.36 Other Fundraiser Picture commission Strawbridge


$ 152,083.00  Salaries and Benefits

$ 387.64 Travel Outside Contractors Russ Moore Charter Renewal

$ 60.11  Instruction              Field Trips $ 430.00 Supplies Classroom $ 369.89

$ 55.00 Staff Development Ga Sea Turtle Carol Nathan

$ 28.49 Health Supplies

$ 790.00 Supplies Janitorial

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 50.00 Cleaning Fee Received from St Michaels

$ 481.83 Equipment Rental Copier

$ 65.00 Maintenance Building Remount paper towel holder

$ 5,167.00  Rent

$ 2099.20 Utilities

$ 285.00 Advertising Savannah Herald for recruitment

$ 70.00 Postage Mail Box Yearly Fee

$ 10.70 Credit Card Fees

$ 76.67 Supplies Office     

$ 331.57 Telephone

$ 815.00 Insurance

$ 250.00  Georgia Charter School Training online

Carolyn asked if we have enough funds to hire an additional teacher for EIPs; Ms. Murphy is a long-term substitute for the remainder of this school year.

Brenda Marion moved to approve Kay Fortner’s Treasurer report; Sara Mitchell seconded; all in favor.

Kay Fortner noted that the finance committee is updating the financial handbook. Jennifer & Michelle in the admin office signed conflict of interest forms since they handle money for the school. Also added an additional safeguard of logging in and numbering deposits. The finance committee recommends a meeting with each teacher to go over the new whistleblower policy.

Charter renewal—Russ Moore

Russ Moore is using Dropbox, so everything is in one place, electronically-speaking, and we’re not wasting paper. He’s been meeting with Patrick Rossiter and other board members and is hoping to have a draft of the charter for the board’s review by the end of this week. We’ve added an additional board meeting for March 27 to approve the charter. This version will look very different than our original 2013 charter because this is the first year that the state of Georgia has implemented a continuation of charter renewal application vs. reapplying anew. It’s only the narrative of how we did in our first 5 years and what we intend to change and will run about 30-40 pages. So far, Russ Moore hasn’t found any informational gaps in what he’s received from us. Hurdles to overcome will be SCCPSS as they don’t have a very strong charter review process. It’s a good idea to attach a copy of our original charter for reference since they approved that previously. Recommend hand-delivering it as well as sending an electronic copy. Our curriculum is unique so it’s a good idea to showcase the dearth of maritime elementary curriculum to the point that our teachers wrote their own books our first year. Russ Moore doesn’t foresee any bumps in the submittal process: our test scores are great, student diversity is good, and we have a unique curriculum. Thanks to Carolyn Jurick for getting Russ Moore free lodging and saving TIMA funds.

Strategic Planning-Christy Edwards

Draft sent to Carolyn Jurick, Pat Rossiter, Russ Moore, and board. Carolyn Jurick will forward to TIMA teachers for their input as well. One missing piece is accountability. Waiting to see Russ Moore’s charter draft to make sure the strategic plan aligns with it, but this draft sets goals for the next 5 years and objectives that align with them. Kay and Perb Fortner both noted that they had some minor changes which they will email to Christy Edwards. If anyone else has comments, reply all to the email Christy sent so everyone is on the same page. Christy Edwards will make any suggested changes and get draft to Russ Moore by Friday; we can include the strategic plan as an addendum to the charter submission.

By Laws change—concerning Board member (emeritus)

Russ Moore suggested that Jason Buelterman be ex-officio instead of emeritus.

Carolyn Jurick had 3 recommendations for board members. The first was for another ex-officio member: George Bowen, a consultant in education and facilities management. His credentials were outlined and Brenda Marion moved to accept his application. Duff Smith seconded and all were in favor. The second was for Charlene Grissom, who is retired and lives on Tybee. Her credentials were discussed and Brenda Marion moved to accept her application. Sara Mitchell seconded and all were in favor. The final recommendation was for Summer Robertson. She helped the founding board with fundraising efforts. Duff Smith moved to accept her application, Sara Mitchell seconded, and all were in favor.

Tour of Homes –Heather Harvey

We have 8 homes confirmed and 1 vintage Airstream that will be parked at the school.

Open Agenda

The safety plan needs to be added to the charter renewal. Maria Burke and Par Rossiter are at the Georgia Charter School Association annual conference. Marie Burke spent the day at a charter school comparing RTI and special ed techniques.

Public Comment –Please limit to 3 minutes

Patrick Rossiter will be testifying before the Georgia House on Wednesday regarding HB430.

Tammy Smith moved that we head into Executive Session, Brenda Marion seconded and all were in favor.

After exiting Executive Session, Duff Smith moved to adjourn the meeting. Christy Edwards seconded it and all were in favor.


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