Governing Board Minutes 2-13-17

Governing Board


February 13, 2017

Welcome: Carolyn Jurick

Carolyn called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. In attendance: Jason Ball, Perb Fortner, Jennifer Turner, Patrick Rossiter, Christy Edwards, Sarah Mitchell, Heather Harvey, Tammy Smith, Brenda Marion. Special guest: Julia Pearce

Minutes: Brenda Marion

Christy Edwards moved to approve the minutes; Sarah Mitchell seconded; all were in favor.

Budget: Kay emailed the treasurer report in advance to all board members to review prior to the meeting. P&L budget vs actual report is now included with the other financial reports Kay provides. The budget is strong, if anything, we try to overstate our expenses. Pat noted a $150 expense to Savannah Bananas was for buying a minimum # of tickets for which we receive $5 per ticket sold.

January 2017 TIMA Treasurer’s Report

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for January  2017.    The reconciled bank balances are BB&T $ 1,112,487.58,   PayPal TIMA  $ 2,213.22, and PayPal Tour of Homes $ 2,909.44  for a total of $ 1,117,610.24  for the month ending January 31, 2017. 

January 2017


$ 3,500.00 Grants Lowes

$ 75.00  Donations    

$ 150.00 Savannah Bananas Expense

$ 14,983.94 Elizabeth’s on 37th Dinner

$ 238.30 Five Guys

$ 381.40 Box Tops

$337.00 Publix

$ 34.94 Other Kroger $ 67.54, $ 5.00 Magnet, $ 37.60 Winter wear


$ 159,200.00  Salaries and Benefits

$ 6,000.00 Contract Services Russ Moore Charter Renewal

$ 185.54  Instruction       Field Trips $ 277.00, Supplies $462.54

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 505.26 Equipment Rental Copier

$ 5,167.00  Rent

$ 5,670.00 Rent Modular Classrooms (2months)

$ 1,581.82 Utilities

$ 500.00 Recognition for students finishing #1 in Chatham elementary school testing

$ 291.53 Credit card fees    Refund from Sams on previous credit card fees

 $ 378.91   Supplies Office   

$ 349.57 Telephone

$ 815.00 Insurance

$ 1,500.00  Georgia Charter School

No modular rent in February due to 2-month payment for January.

Brenda Marion moved to approve Kay Fortner’s treasurer report; Sarah Mithcell seconded; all in favor.

Facilities: Perb Fortner and Jason Ball are continuing exploration for adding a modular for just one year.

AT&T is running fiber optics to schools. They will be TIMA’s back-up internet service to Comcast. Heather Harvey brought up the question of bandwidth, especially in relation to testing as we have had testing issues in past due to interent issues. Pat and Perb made a note to check.

Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers would like sinks in their classrooms. Carolyn Jurick has talked to Mike Beatty about the plumbing and he doesn’t think it will be an issue.  Patrick Rossiter amended that we should add sinks to all rooms in the annex for 4 sinks total. Perb Fortner made a suggestion for the addition of sinks with cabinets and to fix any annex plumbing issues. Heather Harvey made the motion based on Perb Fortner’s suggestion. Kay Fortner seconded it; all were in favor.

Lottery: Carolyn Jurick

The lottery was the quickest one we’ve ever had, mostly due to teacher and sibling preferences.

K-36 slots - 22 siblings = 14 slots; 31 on wait list

1st-no openings, 14 on wait list

2nd-no openings, 22 on wait list

3rd-no openings, 11 on wait list

4th-no openings, 7 on wait list

5th-5 openings but 4 applied, so 1 spot left

Carolyn Jurick will send an email to all parents; Tybee students have preference if they fill the grade’s available slots; e.g., if there are 6 openings in 1st grade and 4 of those are taken by siblings and there are just 2 Tybee students, they fill the class.

Strategic Planning/Renewal/Survey: Christy Edwards, Carolyn Jurick, Pat Rossiter   

Survey-Christy Edwards

Overall results & comments; started with our mission and backed into how we’re meeting those pillars and crafted questions based on that. We had 70 respondents; all were positive; we have a highly involved parent body. Some highlights: 90% have volunteered in some capacity; our climate/culture are huge strengths; 91% feel that their student “tremendously” enjoys coming to school at TIMA. 

Mission: Tybee Island Maritime Academy (TIMA) creates a supportive, highly involved learning community, which promotes the highest academic achievement through a maritime, career focused, project-based curriculum centered on the natural and historical context of Tybee Island and the surrounding Savannah area.

creates a supportive, highly involved learning community

-          School culture

-          Parent involvement

-          Value in the community

-          Children’s safety, social emotional needs met

which promotes the highest academic achievement

-          Highly qualified teachers

-          Rigorous curriculum

-          High level of student progress and growth

through a maritime, career focused, project-based curriculum

-          Project based learning, Project Approach

-          Maritime Theme

centered on the natural and historical context of Tybee Island and the surrounding Savannah area

-          Field Experiences

-          Community partnerships

By Laws change—concerning Board member (emeritus)

Jason Buelterman is on our board strategically as our liaison to City of Tybee and could be moved to emeritus status. We’re meeting with another experienced educator/administrator, we could also add that person under emeritus status (i.e., not as much training required). Brenda Marion made motion to amend the by-laws to allow one or more emeritus board members; Christy Edwards seconded; all in favor. Tammy Smith made a motion that we move Jason Buelterman to board member emeritus status. Sarah Mitchell seconded; all in favor.

Projects/Assessments/CCRPI updates, etc. –Pat

Student Enrollment:  256 students, 63 gifted, 15 SPED, 18 Speech.

Staffing18 teachers, 1 principal, 1 paraprofessional, 1 secretary.

Testing: GMAS Test to be given the week of April 3rd

Evaluation of Teachers:  Teacher evaluation is on-going.

Technology: BellSouth fiber-optic cable being run to TIMA. 

Site Safety Plan:  on-going

Building Status: 
Mrs. Jurick is meeting with City of Tybee and “Y” on use of the Tybee Gym for PE next year.

Fund-raising: Elizabeth’s Dinner a complete success with $12,704.42 net raised.

Special Events:  OCEARCH Team coming to Tybee Post Theater for presentation to TIMA students on February 23rd.

TIMA will march in the St. Patrick’s Irish Celebration on Tybee on Saturday, March 11, 2017.  Parents must accompany students.

Carolyn Jurick asked if we can add a section to the website about projects in support of project-based learning as parents would surely have an interest.

Patrick Rossiter is working with our consultant on the charter renewal, really emphasizing maritime components so 5th grade will actually culminate with students taking boater safety class.

In addition to Ocearch coming to Tybee Post Theatre on 2/23 for TIMA student presentation, Patrick Rossiter and John Klaras (TIMA 2nd grade teacher) were invited to tour the vessel while it is docked on River Street.

Heather Harvey noted that her kids loved taking sailing lessons at Lake Mayer this past summer. Pat said maybe we could work with them and make it like we do for parades, parents need to be present in order for kids to participate.

Weighted Lottery\Charter Renewal

There are several things to look at for a weighted lottery. I think we should use the economically disadvantaged one. I think the weight should be 2. So if a child receives one name in the drawing for the lottery.  A child who meets the criteria of economically disadvantaged would have his/her name in the drawing two times.

I think this would be a plus that we are trying to look at other things. We can decide and discuss this at the board meeting.

Here is the basic info//

 GaDOE defines economically disadvantaged as a student whose family lives below the poverty line, qualifies for free or reduced lunch, or whose family qualifies for federal benefits including SNAP, TANF, WIC, Medicare, or PINS. How does a school implement a weighted lottery? Charter schools with executed charters must obtain approval of an amendment to its charter contract to include the weighted lottery. New charter petitioners may request to use the weighted lottery in their application. The school may determine whether the weighted lottery will apply to some or all of the subgroups listed above. GaDOE encourages charter schools that use weighted lotteries to do so as part of a “broader strategy that includes fulfillment of existing responsibilities related to outreach, recruitment, and retention of all students, including educationally disadvantaged students.”3 Once a school has determined which subgroups will be weighted, the school can ask questions tailored to that subgroup on its pre-lottery application. For example, “Does your family qualify for SNAP or TANF?” This question would be included with the initial application to enter the lottery. Documentation may not be requested with the application, but it may be requested with enrollment paperwork. Please note that the lottery takes place only after any enrollment preferences included in the school’s charter contract are taken into consideration. How much weight can be given to the weighted category? There is no legal limit on the maximum weight a charter school can give a category in a weighted lottery. It is presumed that the school’s governing board will take the school’s unique circumstances into consideration when making this decision. Can race be a weighted category? Race cannot be a weighted category within the weighted lottery provisions.

We currently have 24% of TIMA students receiving free/reduced lunch and 18.2% diversity.

Christy Edwards made the case for a range, e.g., 2 to a maximum of 4 slips in the weighted lottery drawing, specific to our charter renewal. Brenda Marion seconded; all in favor.

Change to # assigned for lottery when they apply (rather than by name). Remind parents that they need not be present for the lottery drawing.

Update from Staff –Tammy

New IEP teacher & permanent sub ‘til May, Ms. Murphy; she’ll be here 5 days a week vs 3 days a week.

Elisa’s board training says that Tammy shouldn’t be a voting board member and Tammy doesn’t really care; since it would be confusing for our CoI, etc. so we’re going to keep as is.

Update from Crew—Jennifer Turner

Spelling Bee set for March 9; CREW has already sold $130 in raffle tickets. $500 deposit for Tybee Y gym paid back in October was moved to cover dance and then shifted to cover Bee. We have 3 teams for Bee so far and 10 sponsors. Tammy asked if our sound system will work or if we need to use the city’s equipment.

April book fair the week of April 3; that’s the 1st week of GMAs testing, but we can do K/1st in the am and 3rd-5th in the afternoons.

April 8th slated for TIMA campus clean-up day.

May 1st-5th teacher appreciation week finishing up with lunch on Friday.

Elections at end of year for new CREW board in conjunction with an end-of-year art show.

May 17 will be TIMA Maritime Day.

Tour of Homes –Heather Harvey

Winefest was moved to the same weekend as tour.

Committee had its 1st meeting and have short list of homes we are pursuing for confirmation.

Public Comment –Please limit to 3 minutes

Julia Pearce: planning a mission 4/13-4/22 to Tybee’s sister city, Owerrie, West Nigeria and asking for eye glass donations through March. They’ve been our sister city since 2004.

Executive Session

No need for Executive Session

Open Agenda

Elizabeth’s dinner and thank you’s

Jason Ball moved to adjourn the meeting. Christy Edwards seconded. All were in favor. 


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