Governing Board Minutes 1-9-17

Governing Board

                                                                        Meeting Minutes

            January 9, 2017

Welcome: Carolyn welcomed everyone and started the meeting at 6:30 pm.

Board members present: Duff Smith, Ashley Odom, Carolyn Jurick, Heather Harvey, Patrick Rossiter, Tammy Smith, Kay Fortner, Christy Edwards, Perb Fortner, Jason Ball, Sara Mitchell, and Susie Waterstreet (on behalf of Jennifer Turner for CREW).

Minutes: Perb had one revision for December meeting minutes under his report (“the” should be “they”), so Brenda will make the correction and re-send to board. With that correction, Carolyn moved to approve minutes, Christy seconded, all were in favor.

Budget: Kay

Meeting with bank to go over fees we are being charged for wire transfers, etc. We made over $1700 on sales of TIMA winter wear, which will help defray the costs of 5th grade year-end trip to Charleston, SC.

Perb asked what the best way to manage our money is so we’re making the most from it. BB&T bank VP Bill Lynch, who is familiar with NC charter schools, suggested that we buy the buildings, which we said we were already discussing. He also offered to have BB&T come in to make a presentation to the teachers on benefits of banking with BB&T. Christy asked about the FDIC threshold now that we have $1M+ in the bank and noted that we should divide it into 2 accounts with $500k each as a precaution.

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for December 2016. The reconciled bank balances are BB&T $ 1,120,000.09, PayPal TIMA $ 1,665.81, and PayPal Tour of Homes $ 2,909.44 for a total of $ 1,124,575.34 for the month ending December 31, 2016. 

December 2016


$ 100.00  Donations    

$ 120.00Tour of Homes Expense   Devivo Website

$ 587.30  Winter Wear   YTD $ 5,060 income and expense $ 3,347.30  for $ 1,712.70 Winter Wear


$ 169,796.00  Salaries and Benefits

$ 58.00 Technical Services

$ 7,225.00 Contract Services CPA for audit $ 6,650 and tax return $575

$ 395.67  Instruction       Field Trips $ 449.00 , Books and Software  $53.33

$ 55.86 Student Awards

$ 1,081.51 Supplies Janitorial

$ 300.00 Security

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 530.63 Equipment Rental Copier

$6.39 Maintenance Building 

$ 5,167.00  Rent

$ 2,835.00 Rent Modular Classrooms

$ 1,793.98 Utilities

$ 16.10 Nursing Supplies

$ 94.00 Postage

$ 50.00 Bank charge  $ 30.00 for wire transfers from SCCPSS, $ 8.00 notification of wire transfers, $ 12.00 Insufficient funds deposit

$ 76.89 CreditCard Fees   From charge card.  This will be credited next month.

$ 379.41 Office Supplies  Rolodex, pens, rubber stamps and $ 163.28 check order

$ 332.24 Telephone

$ 815.00 Insurance

Duff moved to approve Kay’s Treasurer report, Carolyn seconded, all were in favor.

Facilities: Perb

Ongoing issues with doors in modular; Pat & Jennifer are working on them with the staff from modular company. North of the gym seems to be the best fit for additional modular, behind the annex is possible but a very limited fit. Jason will do technical drawings so we can present to the church; July 15 completion deadline.

Lottery: Carolyn

We’ll hold the lottery at our next board meeting in February. We’ve already got 50 kids registered, of those, 20 are siblings of existing students (19 of the 20 are in kindergarten!). 90% of the re-commitment forms have been returned.

Carolyn asked the teachers what gets in the way of their teaching and they responded with physical issues of space, storage, lack of awnings and sidewalks, which wasn’t what she was really trying to get from them. A copier in the annex is needed. Carolyn made the recommendation that we lease one; Perb suggested getting a de-humidifier where the copier is, but it probably wouldn’t make a difference as paper comes to us from a non-humidity-controlled storage facility. Duff made a motion for Perb to explore leasing options and execute; Tammy seconded; all were in favor.

Strategic Planning/Renewal/Survey: Christy, Carolyn, Pat   

Per Christy, the parent survey went out today via email; please share via teacher pages, Crew, etc. to help get the word out. We may need to offer an incentive if responses are slow. The survey link will be included in all future emails from Jennifer between now and the January 31 deadline.

RE: Charter renewal: the consultant has been mailed the first check for payment and he should be contacting Carolyn next week; he plans to have several meetings with staff, board, etc. to best understand our current/future needs for writing the new charter.   

Update from School—Pat

¼ page ad for student recruitment was submitted to the Herald today and will run for one week; thanks to Heather Harvey for designing it.

New EIP teacher: we had 3 applicants for EIP position, none of which were interviewed because of poor cover letters and/or references. Maybe explore 2 teachers/class (co-teaching model); the reduced class size model allows teacher/pupil ratio to serve all students. Kay noted that it will be between $160k-$180k with salary and benefits to hire 2 teachers but that we’d earn that back in state funding. Pat will circle back with ASU and GSU for potential candidates.

Noel Ingram (EIP/Gifted teacher) applied for and received a $3500 outdoor classroom grant from Lowe’s. Carolyn moved that we accept it; Christy seconded; all were in favor. We’ll need to let the church know about it as well.

Savannah Bananas will host TIMA/Tybee Day on August 5. We need to pay a $150 deposit and guarantee that we’ll sell at least 100 tickets. We get $5 for every ticket sold.

Pat would like to go to Atlanta 1/25 and 1/26 for Savannah Chatham Day and will plan to visit an area charter school while there. Carolyn recommended KIPP or any Atlanta city schools, especially the Neighborhood School. Christy recommended that we approve this as training opportunity for Pat; Duff seconded; all in favor. Tammy asked if staff could attend with Pat to visit the Atlanta-area charter school, but Carolyn noted that a staff trip is planned for charter school in Durham, NC, for training and development. It has been rumored that the Georgia governor will announce at Savannah Chatham Day that QBE will be fully funded.

Pat asked Wanda Doyle to sit down with Carolyn and/or Pat or attend a board meeting to address any questions she has about TIMA using the Y’s gym for PE classes moving forward.

Pat wants to do something special for the kids to celebrate the great test scores on CCRPI and include all grades. Christy made a motion to approve up to $500 in expenses, Duff seconded, and all were in favor. A surprise pizza party for all students will be planned.

Update from Staff –Tammy

The fence around the back playground needs repairs; Pat showed Fr. Tom so the church could do maintenance. Kindergarten is working on restaurant project, including a field trip to Huc-a-Poo’s. 1st grade is working on pirates and chocolate. 4th grade is working on artifacts. 5th grade is hosting a career fair. Testing will be April 3-11.

TIMA students will be heading to Tybee Post Theatre on Monday, 1/23 at 10 am to see some of the Grey’s Reef film festival selections.

On 2/23 or 2/24, the O-search research vessel will be on River Street; they invited TIMA to visit them or they could do a presentation at the Tybee Post Theatre is that is easier logistically. They do shark tagging.

Update from Crew—Susie

Sweetheart Dance marketing/ticketing started today. Amanda Wilder is replacing Rory as treasurer. In conjunction with Noel’s grant, Crew is looking at scheduling another community clean-up day for TIMA campus in April.

Tour of Homes –Heather

Heather got the malware issues with host site figured out with Steve. Working with Hannah at Visit Tybee on a media sneak peek using Mola’s house. The home tour committee will have a meeting by the end of January.

Training for Board members-Carolyn

Surveys need to be completed. As soon as Elise sends Carolyn the links for other training, she will forward them to the board. Jason is unable to attend the February board training meeting due to a business conflict.

Elizabeth’s dinner

Heather suggested showing the video that Visit Tybee created featuring Kelly Yambor and Jeremy Diehl during the Elizabeth’s dinner; everyone agreed.

Perb moved to adjourn; Brenda seconded; all in favor. 


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