Governing Board Minutes 12-12-16

Governing Board

Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2016

Welcome and Introduction: Carolyn welcomed everyone and started the meeting at 6:30. Present: Tammy Smith, Pat Rossiter, Duff Smith, Carolyn Jurick, Heather Harvey, Kay Fortner, Perb Fortner, Brenda Marion, Jason Ball, Sara Mitchell, Susie Waterstreet (on behalf of Jennifer Turner for CREW). Julia Pearce was also present as public guest.

Carolyn opened the meeting by congratulating Pat and TIMA staff for CCRPI scores, which were then passed out. TIMA was 2nd in all of Chatham County to Savannah Arts (a high school!).

Minutes: Brenda

Carolyn moved to approve the November meeting minutes. Kay seconded; all were in favor.

Budget: Kay

Kay opened her report by noting that our bank balance is over 1 million dollars! The finance committee is continuing to review/research how to best spend the funds on students and school.

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for November 2016.   The reconciled bank balances are BB&T $ 1,143,883.90,   PayPal TIMA $ 1,569.01, and PayPal Tour of Homes $ 2,909.44 for a total of $ 1,148,362.35 for the month ending November 30, 2016.

November 2016

Balance Sheet Assets:

$ 2,348.50 Technology Equipment

$ 594.36 Desk and 2 chairs


$ 50.00 Donations    

$ 170.85 Dress Down Day

$ 425.00Tour of Homes Expense   Devivo Website

$ 450.00 Spelling Bee Sponsors  

$ 2,605.00 Other Fundraisers $25.00 Magnet, $400.00 Papa Murphy, $ 2,180.00 Winter Wear


Note many of the negative figures are from a journal entry removing Accounts Payable of $ 8,651.74 from audit

$ 169,857.00 Salaries and Benefits

$ 5,738.82 Instruction       Supplies $ 3,892.43, Field Trips $ 280.78 , Student Assessment $1,694.00, Books and Software $128.39

$ 124.13 Student Awards

$ 2,251.22 Supplies Building    

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 456.19 Equipment Rental Copier

$2,081.00 Maintenance Building Mulch $ 1,536.00, Door

$ 5167.00 Rent

$ 2,835.00 Rent Modular Classrooms

$ 2,216.70 Utilities

$239.00 Recognition

$ 1,225.00 Dues Ga Charter School

$ 75.92 Bank charges and Office Supplies $ 7.50 Bank Charges, $ 83.42 Office Supplies

$ 184.49 Credit Card Fees ($182.74 will be credited from charge card )

$ 282.21 Telephone

$ 835.00 Insurance

Brenda moved to approve Kay’s report; Saraseconded; all were in favor.

Facilities: Perb

  • Adding a modular: we have begun the initial process for adding another modular (needs to go before planning commission, then city council, then work with an engineering firm, etc.). $23k in rent + ramp (almost $1900/month b/c we would start with a one-year lease rather than spreading it over several years like we did with the existing modulars. About $39k total costs. This is about $4k more than when we did the original modulars, so hopefully there is room for negotiation on these costs. The goal is to approve at the March governing board meeting so we can be first on their list for building it specifically for TIMA. $1100/year for insurance on the 2 existing modular, so about half that for the new one. This is proposed for the 2017-2018 school year, we have the church’s approval from previous modular installations. The would like the new one sited behind the annex but we would prefer it next to the gym, so location still TBD. Tammy moved to add another modular; Sara seconded; all were in favor.
  • All paperwork for the asbestos investigation was submitted to the EPA.
  • Gym-Carolyn contacted mayor Jason, who asked for a formal letter asking for permission to use the YMCA gym, which she submitted, requesting gym access Monday through Friday, 9 am to 3 pm. If approved, there will be about 40 minutes of instruction + walk time to and from TIMA.

Charter renewal—Carolyn

There's a group in Newnan, GA who will write the charter for about $2k/month with a maximum duration of 1 year in which to get it done. Oglethorpe uses them as well, so we might be able to share travel costs with them also. Carolyn, Perb, Kay, and Pat are meeting with Russ Moore tomorrow. Discussion ensued about the amount of time and effort the founding board put into writing the charter and that, since we have the funds to outsource that work now, it is a better use of the current board and TIMA staff's time and energy. Duff moved to approve meeting with Russ and moving the process forward. Heather seconded and all were in favor. 

Strategic Planning/Renewal/Survey: Christy, Carolyn, Pat

Christy is absent tonight. We need to get the survey out because it poses the question of parents, “Should we renew the charter?” We can vote via an email survey of this one question. Brenda will create a Google survey link that Jennifer can send and Brenda will be the only one with access to replies. Christy’s parent survey can go out in January.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Update from School—Pat

No change in staff or enrollment numbers. Midterm STAR testing is complete; very pleased with reading and math scores for individual students thus far. Briefly discussed the CCRPI scores again.

Projects: John Klaras’ class finished their skateboard project; 4th graders are working on gardening.

New EIP teacher: Interviewing for this position but we’ve had a smaller number of applicants than we hoped for; Pat will reach out to the Armstrong Dean; Carolyn suggested that he do the same for Savannah State.

Presentation to Board (annual report): the meeting was great; they loved our idea of a transportation fund for sick kids to mitigate impact on single parents/guardians and are looking at implementing something similar in other areas that could benefit from such a plan. Regarding SPED support staff, if somehow those roles are eliminated, there is federal funding available that we could utilize; same goes for overall transportation budget and possible cuts.

Carolyn noted that Savannah Classical now does all of their personnel and HR independently (rather than through SCCPSS like we do), but it was still agreed that it is well worth it to us to continue with SCCPSS.

Donation—Pat and Perb: There’s a Tybee resident and businessman who is an acquaintance of Pat’s from college; we made the case for needing $70k for 2 new portable classrooms and he committed to covering half as well as the potential for additional funds to cover computers and other needs. January 30 is our goal to have the check in hand. He also has resources that we can tap into if/when we want to pursue creating a foundation down the road.

Update from Staff –Tammy

There is a holiday program Thursday night at 6pm, following a brief CREW meeting. There will be a 5 pm presentation in Tammy’s classroom for parents by Oglethorpe, STEM, and Coastal Middle School to inform parents about middle school options.

No staff concerns or updates to report.

Pat thanked the board for our purchase of the math books—it’s really working in the classes. If we add another class next year with the addition of the modular, we’ll need to budget for more math books. Keyboarding could be taught in the classroom, which would help with testing/transference of answers from paper to computer in math problems.

Heather connected with the Grays Reef film people; we could do a showing at the Tybee Post theatre and the kids could walk instead of needing a bussed field trip to see films in town.

Update from Crew—Jennifer

  • Spelling Bee: Thursday, March 9 is the new date for the Bee, 6:30 in the YMCA gym. Jennifer will let previous sponsors know the new date and Carolyn will inform the teams who had previously committed.
  • Teacher Appreciation lunch on 12/15: we’ve had an awesome response and all available slots/lunch items on the Sign-Up Genius page have been filled.
  • Date for the Sweetheart Dance is 2/10, from 6-9 pm in the YMCA Gym.

Carolyn thanked the CREW for all they’ve done this year; they’re very organized and doing a great job.

Elizabeth’s dinner will be Sunday, 1/29.

Tour of Homes and website—Heather passed out a detailed report from her meeting with Visit Tybee staff; there are lots of great opportunities and tie-ins for PR and promotions this year by connecting with the Visit Tybee staff. May 6 is the date of the tour, 10 am to 4 pm. Brenda will follow up on the lead Carolyn previously provided about cottages on Butler that were painted for the movie The Gifted as well as some from last year that said they might be willing to participate in 2017.

Training for Board members-Carolyn: She is available 1/30; 2/6; 2/13. Board selected 2/6, from 3-9 pm. We’ll keep the lottery on the calendar for 2/13 @ 6:30 pm, followed by a brief board meeting. The church will re-schedule the appreciation event from hurricane Matthew to 5-6 pm at Beachview Inn on 2/13.

Heather will create a recruitment flyer and an ad for the Tribune and Herald.

Public Comment

Susie noted that CREW was wanting to plan a low country boil as spring fundraiser but may be too much for this year. Could we add a silent auction to Elizabeth’s dinner? Board suggested that would be better to tie-in with home tour.

Julia Pearce mentioned the MLK Parade on 1/7/17. Mayor Jason has been selected as Humanitarian of the year for his work during the hurricane (before, during, and after). There will be no t-shirts printed this year, but a commemorative booklet is being published in which TIMA could have a free ad thanks to our help with previous parades and our essay contributions. Working with Loop It Up, an organization with after-school programs for kids. This booklet would be a good tool for lottery recruitment. Heather will create the ad.

Nothing for executive session, nothing else for open agenda, so Carolyn moved to adjourn; Tammy seconded; and all were in favor.

Executive Session

Open Agenda—


January training--4:00 to 9:00pm

February meeting before Governing board


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