Governing Board Minutes 9-12-16

Governing Board


September 12, 2016

Welcome and Introduction: Carolyn welcomed all at 6:35 pm

Board Members Present: Carolyn Jurick, Patrick Rossiter, Duff Smith, Jennifer Turner, Brenda Marion, Perb Fortner, Kay Fortner, Tammy Smith, Jason Ball, Christy Edwards, Sara Mitchell, Heather Harvey

Minutes: Brenda Need to amend Kay’s report to say approximately $100k from SCCPSS. With revision, minutes were approved. Perb moved to approve, Jason seconded the motion and all were in favor.         

           Budget: Kay

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for August 2016. The reconciled bank balances are BB&T $ 478,726.19, PayPal TIMA $1,520.76, and PayPal Tour of Homes $2,909.44 for a total of       $483,156.39 for the month ending August 31, 2016.

August 2016


$ 2,209.00 Donations - Includes $ 1,670.00 from City of Tybee

$354.81 Publix

$110.27 Kroger

$ 418.90 Five Guys

$ 150.00 Magnet Sales


$ 67,030.00 Salaries and Benefits

$ 473.88 SS Weekly

$ 144.20Recorder reimbursement

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 227.60 Equipment Rental (Copier)

$ 907.00 Building Maintenance (Painting $200, Coat rack s hung $378, Door Repair $210., Water Leak repair $119

$ 5167.00 Rent

$ 2,835.00 Rent Modular Classrooms

$ 2,884.34 Utilities

$ 182.86 Freight Agendas

$ 49.00 Badges

$ 150.01 Office Supplies, Bank Charge, Postage

$ 510.33 Telephone

$ 2,416.50 Insurance

$ 135.00 Conference, Meetings

July P&L includes personnel b/c it was late coming from SCCPSS; doesn’t affect balance sheet

Everything will be delivered to auditor tomorrow (due by end of September) b/c we have yet to get our final June numbers from SCCPSS

Kay shared July/August ’16 vs ’15 for review.

Brenda moved to approve Kay’s report, Sara seconded, all were in favor.

Per Pat to Kay, we need to request 1st quarter funding b/c we moved from per pupil to FTE, they’re having trouble factoring the amounts.

Renewal: Christy, Carolyn, Pat

Academically, we have reached or exceeded all goals set forth in our original charter. We as a board and parents/teachers need to actually vote to renew our charter. Carolyn made the motion, Jason seconded, and all were in favor. Staff meets tomorrow. Pat/Tammy will ask for a vote as well as anything that should be added to aid in education with next charter (“dream school”).

We called SCCPSS to get the timeline for charter renewal; there is no district liaison for charter schools, they said it’s a board function, so we can avoid going through central office and direct to BOE. All of this bodes well for our renewal per Carolyn.

Note that all 4 charter schools in Savannah are renewing this year.

Georgia Charter School Association (vote to join and training)

Brenda moved to renew membership; Christy seconded; all were in favor.

There is a project-based in-service learning day but the board decided against participating.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Strategic Plan Process-Christy

This was covered under Christy’s renewal report

Facility: Perb


We have a new AC vendor- AirTherm. They are doing an excellent job and the humidity part was ordered. Whitaker Labs did a walk through on asbestos audit today.

We have a new a/c vendor. Thanks to Tammy, the head of buildings and grounds for the city pronounced the tree out front of main building dead, so they will remove it and replace it at no cost to us. We may be able to get them to remove the rocks, too. They’ll replace the tree with something native like live oaks. City is working with the school on this project.

The last new window came in today.

CCRPI/Testing --–Pat

Student Enrollment: 261 students, 63 gifted, 15 SPED, 18 Speech.

Staffing: 18 teachers, 1 principal, 1 paraprofessional, 1 secretary.

Testing: ITBS is scheduled for grades 3-5 the week of September 19th.

Evaluation of Teachers: Process has changed in reaction to SB 364. Teacher evaluation is on-going.

Technology: Starting to see overhead bulbs start to fail after 3 years. We have a supply of replacements.

Site Safety Plan: Tybee Police are working with the administration and staff for active shooter drill in late September or early October. Mr. Rossiter and Mrs. Burke are currently taking “Mindset” Training. This training involves de-escalation techniques and physical restraint as a last resort.

Fund-raising: Bill Brown Bicycle Drawing will be held during the month of September and early October. The Tybee Optimist Club will be working with TIMA on this project. The drawing will be the Friday before Pirate Fest. The “CREW” is handling this project. If all tickets are sold at $20/book, we’ll make $8,000. Selling them individually will raise $10,000, so total should be somewhere in between and our expenses were under $2,000.

Special Awards: Southern Tides Magazine has a story on school in this issue. There’s a picture of Mr. Klaras’ students doing the phases of the moon with oreos.

Update from Staff—Tammy four days in patrols on staff and they’re doing great (“the best we’ve had yet!”). They do not have jurisdiction on the busses, although many act like/think they do.

Ms. O’Connor’s gate closest to Lovell Ave. is broken (still usable though), behind annex.

Kindergarten is doing a farming project

4th/5th grade will start a gardening project, too. Can we get more soil? Carolyn recommended master garderer’s club will help; she will call Susan Mason. We need to see if we have enough beds.

We need a teacher in addition to Tammy on the renewal team, preferably K or 1st.

If Home Depot/Ace won’t deliver for free, Jason volunteered his truck and trailer.

Pat recommended we get more mulch, order more than last time, and see if Barry Brown will help us with the front loader again. Jason will help as needed, too.

Update from Crew—Jennifer

Lots of great feedback from parents this year. Survey results are forthcoming with a lin. Low country boil, teacher appreciation, and sweetheart dance were the top favorite activities planned. Justin Fowler from the Crab Shack said he’s donate all of the food for low country boil; there may be a small auction in conjunction with the event. They had a coffee social the first day of school at Tybean; CREW is really trying to make everyone feel welcome.

Jennifer asked why we don’t belong to PTA and Carolyn explained that PTA as an organization isn’t in favor of charter schools. Jennifer said that according to the area PTA rep, CREW shouldn’t be able to collect/solicit funds for TIMA without their own 501c3, but Kay and Carolyn noted that because CREW donates the funds to TIMA at the end of the year, we are ok.

If the CREW wants to put PTA membership to a vote and implement next year, that is their decision. Duff noted his concern with aligning our school with a group that doesn’t condone charters, although they recently amended that to for-profit charters. He asked for clarification on the liability issue that Jennifer mentioned (per the area PTA contact, CREW members can be held personally accountable for theft or injury). Perb will check that CREW is covered under TIMA’s director’s and officer’s policy.

CREW board goal is for greater transparency.

Spelling Bee

Facility is secured and $500 deposit paid. We already have our first team, the Ladies Auxiliary from the Legion. We may need an emcee if Becky Sutlive can’t do it. It’s currently scheduled for the same date as the Piratefest Buccaneer Ball, so it was recommended that we move it to Wednesday, 10/12.

Tour of Homes

Amanda Wilder will co-chair with Heather Harvey.

Ask Jennifer to email parents about home tour committee volunteer needs. The Grey’s Reef guy said no to Heather; Tammy will ask Chu’s/Nevans.

Governing Board Applications for community

Public Comment

Tybee Idol is Sunday, September 25.

Pat asked if we could get real estate signs made that say TIMA fundraiser tonight for 5 Guys as well as other fundraiser events to remind carpool line, community, etc.

Tammy moved that we head into Executive Session; Perb seconded; all were in favor.


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