Governing Board Minutes 8-8-16

Governing Board

Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2016

Welcome and Introduction: Carolyn

Board Members Present: Pat Rossiter, Carolyn Jurick, Perb Fortner, Heather Harvey, Christy Edwards, Tammy Smith, Kay Fortner, Duff Smith, Brenda Marion, Ashley Odom

Minutes: Brenda

Christy moved to approve; Kay seconded; all in favor.

Budget: Kay

We should get approximately $100k in refunds from SCCPSS in October (this reconciliation was noted in previous meetings)

We received 2017 budget from SCCPSS; $2.48M less salaries and a 1.5% admin fee

Had a great meeting with SCCPSS Finances; Kelly will be a great contact for us to work with there.

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for July 2016.   The reconciled bank balances are BB&T $ 494,067.52,     PayPal TIMA $ 1,633.09, and PayPal Tour of Homes $ 2,774.11 for a total of $ 498,474.72 for the month ending July 31, 2016.

Notes that July financials do not include payroll.  The final June also has not been submitted because we are waiting on our final report from SCCPSS.

July 2016


$ 50.00 Donations - Board Letter

$668.10 Year Book

$ 10.00 Magnet Sales


$ 22,313.09 Textbooks Math

$ 3,390.20 Supplies Classroom

$ 1,694.00 Student Assessment

$ 1,978.73 Supplies Art

$ 2,348.30 Building Supplies (6 storage units, Loudspeaker system)

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 249.55 Equipment Rental (Copier)

$ 5167.00 Rent

$ 2,835.00 Rent Modular Classrooms

$ 1,889.79 Utilities

$ 302.84 Recognition

$ 150.01 Office Supplies, Bank Charge, Postage

$ 503.27Telephone

$ 1,370.00 Insurance

Brenda moved to approve treasurer’s report; Carolyn seconded; all in favor.

Meeting with SCCPSS Finances: Kay, Perb, Carolyn, Pat

Meeting with Elisa Falco                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  • Training for next year
  • Renewal
  • Looking at renewal (division of duties)

Pat and Carolyn met with Elisa while she was in Savannah. Full governance training and separate finance training are both required if you’re a new board member; 15 hours of training required for new board members, 9 for returning board members. Our board agreed to shoot for scheduling our annual training in January. Elisa has sent several emails to Pat and Carolyn with help for our charter renewal. Rolling deadlines for charter renewal were discussed: we’ll need charter approval by December 2017 in order for lease and other logistics to come together. Christy is heading up the renewal effort, but dividing up duties will be critical. We’ll need diversity in both board and student body to ensure renewal; a weighted lottery may be needed. We need to document our efforts; e.g., offered a teaching position to an African American woman in Pooler but she declined because of the commute; transportation issues that impact us; as well as new bell times every year (we lost some students this year because of the late start/end times).

The strategic plan and renewal will be done concurrently, along with a SWOT analysis based on existing charter with feedback from parents, board, and teachers. We could look at doing a parent focus group from each grade and/or a survey of all. Christy is shooting for September start for plan and will schedule meetings out from there.

Facility: Perb

  • All AC filters have been changed
  • All but one window in the Annex have been replaced by double paned windows should help with utilities
  • Secure door in Annex has part ordered for repair but is secure
  • A dumpster has been added north of the school gym. In process of building required fencing and tree trimming.
  • Due to cost of site preparation and lease cost, we recommend delaying an additional modular building with 2 classrooms until the Charter re-news in 2018. Then costs can be amortized over 5 years. Approximate costs for one year $36,000 building –ramp $24,000 installation costs $35,000
  • We have renewed student insurance at $2.75 per child
  • We have renewed our property and liability insurance for 2016-2017 which includes TIMA Board legal liability Insurance
  • We plan to renew wind and hail insurance later this month
  • We are reviewing TIMA’s need and cost of flood insurance. Current rough estimate I minimum $18,000.00 annually; records, cows, etc. would be put on carts and moved out of the building in case of hurricane/evacuation, so the board decided against pursuing a separate flood insurance policy at this time. Brenda moved to continue to self-insure, Duff seconded; all were in favor. Tammy suggested we check with the city as they have arrangements with the city of Dublin, GA as their back-up site.
  • Safety – Reviewing the high lights of our safety measures – equipment and procedures
  • Secure and control for access doors on both buildings
  • Active video cameras both buildings – considering more external and modular
  • Fire alarms in all buildings
  • Radios are used for any class taken outside of the buildings – will add 3-4 more
  • Police Radio Access
  • Tammy will have her safety patrol of 5th graders
  • Emergency Response Team – Jennifer, Pat, Anna, Jenny, Noel, Marie as well as teachers that are with their children
  • Pat recently had a facilities and property review with TI police; campus police performed an active shooter audit; they will make recommendations since we have windows just about everywhere; exit site to the south is Hotel Tybee; north is gym (Pat and Perb will double check with contacts there to be sure plan is still ok). We have a 90 second response time from TIPD and we also have police radio in Pat’s office.
  • We have immediate evacuation plans in place and will refresh those locations
  • We are reviewing our classroom notification procedures and system; there is no way to call each class at the same time but our cisco phones might be able to act as intercom with radios as a plan b.
  • We are reviewing all of our safety procedures and systems
  • Every 3 years schools are required to provide proof that asbestos is not in the facilities or is properly contained.
  • Our records have been inspected and we are acquiring proper documentation from the property owners


AHERA Inspection – Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act -EPD

CCRPI/Testing –Pat

68.6% rating for TIMA; as we look closer at the numbers, we see the problems with GA governor’s office using these test measurements. We received a D but they are measuring factors that our charter wasn’t written for (e.g., character counts, testing specs, no 5th grade the first year, etc.). It was recommended that we send an email to parents explaining this grade from the state. Carolyn asked why we can’t add soft skills in lieu of character counts, but even if we do, it won’t count until next year. We previously had a 3 out of 5 stars climate rating but it’s up to 4 stars now. Our smaller school size is also impacting our numbers where surveys and percentages are concerned. When you look at our proficiency rates of our kids vs. state, we excel as per our charter goals. 25% of our student body is SPED/504 (ADA). The data from testing we do (Star and ITBS) doesn’t gibe with the GA testing info (CCRPI)

Update from Staff—Tammy

Safety patrol started today. Many classes have already started using their new math text books.

Update from School—Pat

Student enrollment: 258 students, 63 gifted, 15 SPED, 18 Speech

Staffing: 18 teachers, 1 prinicpal, 1 paraprofessional, 1 secretary

Testing: 1st administration of STAR Tests will take place this week. ITBS is scheduled for grades 3-5 the week of September 19th.

Evaluation of Teachers: Process has changed in reaction to SB 364.

Technology: Alarm issues have been resolved and alarms appear to be functioning well.

Site Safety Plan: The TIMA Site Safety Plan is currently under review by the faculty. Tybee police and campus police are working with the administration and staff.

Building Status: Facility looks great! Teachers report that rooms and bathrooms are being cleaned well. New windows have been installed in the annex. Project is complete except for 1 back-ordered window in Mrs. Lipo’s room. The job will be completed by late August.

Fundraising: Bill Brown Bicycle Drawing will be held during late August and the month of September. The Tybee Optimist Club will be working with TIMA on this project. The drawing will be the Friday before Piratefest. The CREW is handling this project. Jennifer will order the raffle tickets and they will be sold for $5 each or 4 for $25.

Special Awards: John Klaras, second grade teacher at TIMA, has been selected as the “WTOC Top Teacher.” They are coming tomorrow for the presentation at 1:30 pm.

The port visit with faculty went well. We have 2 new teachers this year, Mrs. Torey in kindergarten (came to us from Isle of Hope) and Mrs. Manglesdorf in 3rd grade (came to us from Hesse).

Major fundraisers

Spelling Bee (CREW)

Elizabeth’s dinner (Pat, Carolyn, Perb, Kay and Elizabeth’s staff)

Tour of Homes (we need a chair; Amanda Wilder was recommended)

Crew update

First meeting to be held prior to Open House. Jennifer (CREW president) will represent CREW to the board and provide updates.

Governing Board Applications for community

Public Comment

Executive Session

No executive session needed; we still need a bookkeeper, but no solutions or updates.

Open Agenda

Kay asked where/how does poor attendance hurt us? In CCRPI as well as our stated charter goals. Absenteeism signage was recommended.


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