Governing Board Minutes 6-13-16

Governing Board

Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2016

Welcome: Carolyn

Carolyn called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. Governing board members present: Sara Mitchell; Christy Edwards; Perb Fortner; Patrick Rossiter; Christen Clougherty; Kay Fortner; Carolyn Jurick; Tammy Smith; Brenda Marion, and Jennifer Turner (new CREW president)

  1. Consent agenda items:


May 2016 TIMA Treasurer’s Report

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for May2016.   The reconciled bank balances are South State Bank $ 0,                           BB&T $ 553,101.55, PayPal TIMA $ 1,497.76, and PayPal Tour of Homes $ 2,909.44 for a total of $ 557,508.75 for the month ending May 31, 2016.

May 2016


$ 7,670.00 Donations - Board Letter $2,520.00, TIMA Crew $5,000.00, Other $150.00

$ 10,377.21 Tour of Homes YTD is $11,686.20

$869.63 Year Book YTD $ 1,581.57 ($500 previous year)

$ 202.00 Art Fundraiser

$ 444.80 Box Tops


$ 142,570.00 Salaries and Benefits     

$ 560.97 Supplies Classroom

$ 93.75Field Trips

$ 10334.00 Rent 2 months (Wrote July check and dated it June. Will be corrected)

$ 2,835.00 Rent Modular Classrooms

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 102.14 Maintenance and Building Supplies (Toilet and Lock)

$ 1,546.48 Utilities

$ 319.22Telephone

$ 467.51 Equipment Rental (Copier)

$ 58.05 Office Supplies, Bank Charge

$ 2,100.00 Software – Inventory Control and Asset listing. Nova Solutions renewal

$ 793.00 Insurance

$ 720.00 Security (annual amount for both buildings)

Other notes:

We are owed another $44k from SCCPSS which we should see in October. This is the 1st year that we haven’t had to “sweat” the summer bills!

Finance committee will meet with banker to inquire about interest-bearing options for our funds. Right now, we have no reason to move existing funds from PayPal.

Brenda moved to approve Kay’s report, Christen seconded, all were in favor.

Christy moved to approve the minutes from previous meeting, Kay seconded, all were in favor.

Update on the 3% charge by SCCPSS as an administration fee added to any funds we receive from them (state/local funds currently = $75,758.85). This violates our charter/contract but their lawyer says they can do it even though their last statement was that they wouldn’t take funds until our charter renewed. However, they haven’t been funding us correctly, either. The budget committee hasn’t approved this yet; they need to do so before the board approves and it needs to be decided by July 1st. Christy inquired who was on the board’s budget committee and Carolyn said she would find out.

Discussed funding of payroll, power school program, and data to the state; lunches are federally funded while transportation is separate on the FTE account. We also pay $15k/year for tech support, so the question arose will this be included again as part of the 3% admin fee? They take care of a lot of pieces that we’d rather not take on ourselves.

  1. Committee Composition and Structure—Christy

Per Carolyn, we can add committee minutes into consent agenda of governing board meetings. There was a question on academic success, so we added a sentence to the end per Carolyn’s email. The annual report is very cumbersome—is it best for a committee to do it? Christen will volunteer as a parent/ad hoc committee member after she rolls off her board term. Per the current by-laws, the committees are: finance, assessment (aka academic success), facility/safety, nominating, and special committees. Discussion to strike nominating committee, add community outreach committee. Also, we need a charter renewal committee (i.e., strategic planning). The community outreach committee will develop annual fundraising plans and work closely with CREW on parental involvement. Recruiting will include diversity, corporate sponsorship, etc. Could serve as a good funnel for future board members b/c special committees need not meet monthly. Maybe best to make these benchmarks/goals for the new charter rather than try to implement them in year 4 of 5 year charter? Carolyn moved that we change wording of assessment committee to academic success; outreach committee will begin in August as a special committee. Brenda seconded, all were in favor.

  1. By Laws change-just covered
  2. Training requirement –How are we doing?

Board Training- Christen (please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know where you are and if you plan to complete by the June 30th deadline. Thanks. Each case study counts as one hour. This will affect our renewal if not completed by all board members.

  1. Facilitiy-Perb

Jason Ball is reviewing plans to find the best place for a dumpster, which we hope to have in place by the beginning of the school year. Window replacements will take place in July (after Pat’s vacation). This will help with the a/c bills (second system repair done this week).

  1. Testing/ CCRPI –Pat

2015 scores were a 68.6 based on 49/50 students’ improvement (the year before it was based on 17 kids)

RE: achievement gap, we’re too small of a school so we get no points, which hurts our score

A task for the academic success committee would be to meet at state level/commission since our charter doesn’t measure any of these metrics.

GA Dep’t of Education website/element/SCCPSS/TIMA we are graded a D on the governor’s new website based on the CCRPI data

TIMA GMAs scores vs the district: 16.36 kids below 3/4/5 grade levels but our STAR testing data shows closer to 10%.

The results will probably not be releases because scores across the state were so poor.

Implementing interactive journals across the curriculum, plus actual math books for $20k+ investment. We aren’t doing this to “teach to the test,” but rather preparing students for “how” they’ll be tested. Over 6 years, every grade level will get a math text book as well as online portion. Even though this exceeds our current charter length, Carolyn moved that we make the investment and buy the books, Christy seconded and all were in favor.

We still have a major problem with absenteeism. 42.6% of kids missed LESS than 6 days. Pat will review what testing revisions will be in effect for ‘16/’17 school year and report back to the board.

  1. Update from Staff—Tammy

N/A as all are on summer break

  1. Allotment for 2016-17

Already discussed

  1. Tour of Homes report (organization for next year.)
  1. Approval of community member –Ashlee Owens Attorney This is Andy’s recommendation of lawyer to replace him. Brenda moved to approve, Christy seconded, all in favor.

Approved Board Members

Brenda Marion

Duffield Smith

Sara Mitchell

Heather Harvey

  1. Fundraising letter Update--Shawn/Christy

Covered under Treasurer’s report. Christy is writing personal thank you notes. It would be good idea to put a reminder out on social media that TIMA supporters can still donate before end of fiscal year.

  1. Crew update –Brenda

Since Jennifer is present, this will be covered under public comment.

  1. Governing Board Applications for community
  2. Public Comment

The new CREW board met and discussed some ideas for new fundraisers such as a silent auction during the Elizabeth’s dinner. Given the nature of that event, it was noted that a separate event such as a low country boil, could be planned instead and incorporate an auction. Bonus if the event is on Wilmington Island as may attract more involvement.

  1. Thank you for service to Christen Clougherty for her years of service to TIMA, from founding board on!
  1. Executive Session

Christen moved that we head into executive session, Brenda seconded, all were in favor


  1. Open Agenda


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