Governing Board Minutes 3-9-15

Governing Board

Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2015

In attendance: Patrick Rossiter, Kim Webster, Kay Fortner, Carolyn Jurick, Tammy Smith, Kelly Yambor, Christen Clougherty, Perb Fortner, Brenda Marion, Jack Baizley, Andy Wright, Shawn Flynn


Minutes—Brenda; Kay, Christen, and Andy made minor edits to minutes. Christen motioned to approve as edited and Kim seconded. All in favor.

Treasurer’s Report-Kay

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for February 2015.  The reconciled bank balances are South State Bank (Savannah Bank) $6,240.11 and BB&T$148,303.44 for a total of $154,543.55 for the month ending February, 2015.

February 2015


$1,250.00 Donations ($1,000 Hughes Family Tecnology , $200 Mack Kitchen, $50 Katherine Fisher)

$ 554.75 Fundraiser Five Guys (3 deposits Feb 10 for $252.51 and $153.52 and Feb 24 for $148.72)

$2,190.00 Ticket sales Elizabeths on 37th for a total of $13,417.00 income less $2,294.42 expenses for a net of $10,422.58


$ 112,816.00 Salaries , Benefits, and Taxes

$ 17,928.00 Special ED Salaries and Benefits and Taxes provided by SCCPSS

$ 4,000.00 Rent

$ 1,605.00 Rent Modular Classrooms

$ 752.00 Insurance

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 2,808.31 Utilities

$ 314.67 Telephone

$ 425.35 Security Modulars added to security system

$ 60.00 Postage

$ 345.23 Copier rental

$ 739.08 3 single pedestal teacher desks

$ 4,930.64 eight lap top computers (JE to move to P & L equipment under $1,000)

Brenda moved to approve treasurer’s report; Tammy seconded. All in favor.

Principal’s Report--Patrick Rossiter:

  • Enrollment is at 223 students; most students lost moved away from Savannah
  • GA milestones testing will be done in late April
  • On Wednesday, we’ll be prepping students for GA milestones testing with mock writing test for 3rd through 5th grade. 3rd and 5th grade will do by hand and 4th grade will do on computers.
  • For Tybee St. Patrick’s Day parade, anyone wanting to walk with TIMA will assemble at Memorial Park/city hall; parents and/or guardians are required to march with children. CREW will be selling hot dogs in the gym and the book fair will be open for final sales. Carolyn invited new parents for next year’s students to join us.
  • Inventory—talking about it…. Report… list county property tax form. Bar code

Old Business

Rattle cage… how to apply bar codes—again. Training scheduled for 3/19 at 10 am for Jennifer, Perb, & Kay. Kay requested offsite location to cut down on distractions.

  • Handbook—Parent/Student—Kelly and Tammy; Kelly and Tammy are working on it with Carolyn…the goal is to have it ready for 2015-2016 school year. Teachers will have input as well (by grade level) as we may include curriculum themes and standards for parents (perhaps included as a link to state standards for more info).
  • Parent participation and forms; deadline is today! We have 30 kids on the waitlist for kindergarten (of all the available slots, 3 declined and 1 was unknown, so we might be able to accommodate one more student); 1st grade, 6 kids accepted, one person we haven’t heard back yet from; 2nd grade, 2 people we haven’t heard back from yet. 10 people on wait list; 3rd grade, one kid on wait list; 4th grade, 7 kids on wait list; 5th grade, 6 kids on wait list; 4th/5th combined class, everyone is on waitlist but we may have one opening. 251 max attendance for 2015-2016 school year: (2) kindergarten classes; (3) 1st grade classes; (2) 2nd grade classes; (2) 3rd grade classes; (1) 4th grade class; (1) 4th/5th combo class; (1) 5th grade class
  • Garbage and dumpsters—Kelly and Pat; we fill 11 trash cans 2x per week (5 bins alone filled at lunch every day!), so we’ll need 2 cans plus dumpster as well as concrete pad, curb cut (if on Butler), fencing around dumpster, city approval for the job, etc. Short term solution: get 4 more trash cans for now, give 2 to annex building and put cans on 8th Street for Monday/Friday pick-ups. Christen/Tammy posited that it would be a great student project to calculate mass of trash, recycle-ables, compostable waste, etc.
  • Watchdog—Shawn; TIMA CREW will be critical for awareness/solicitation of sign-ups, along with admin help from Jennifer/Pat. Hesitation expressed about volunteers who no-show. $400 covers training materials, t-shirts, etc. Volunteers must pass background check to participate (maybe TIPD could donate service of providing background checks?)
  • Committees (Dates of meetings, goals, etc.)
  1. Safety-Tammy: Shawn fixed the gates/no other teacher concerns at this time; there was an accident off the playground slide but student is ok—might be a good thing to refresh mulch around slide base.
  2. Assessment-Christen: Working on spreadsheet of charter accountability; this mirrors what we turned in to the state in September (end of year report)’ we need to follow our contract b/c some of the things in the charter are no longer allowed by law (e.g., no child left behind, CRTC). Regarding surveys, we need to ask one specific question of teachers and parents which the state survey does not include, so we may as well ask some additional questions since it provides a good opportunity to receive additional input regarding overall satisfaction with school.
  3. Facility-Perb: there is a mud pit outside of the annex bldg. west gate—might be a good volunteer project to provide some low landscaping? We should limit entrance via this gate for safety reasons with a padlock. Handicap space sign was added to corner of 8th and Lovell, as well as “pick up after your pets” signs. The church is ok with fixing the outside of Tammy’s class entrance.
  4. Finance-Kay; see above treasurer’s report.  
  5. Communication/ Crew update—Brenda; CREW will be selling hot dogs during the parade and wrapping up book fair; SAL pancake fundraiser set for March 21; MRS chicken dinner set for April 18.
  6. Development-Jack; Jack asked whether or not our fundraising effects what SCCPSS gives us and the answer is no; likewise asked if any of what we raise benefits SCCPSS and the answer is no. Jack is optimistic that we can raise a lot of money quickly with the letter that he, Shawn, and Brenda worked on.
  • Fundraising letter and fundraising update—Shawn; board reviewed and recommended edits. Shawn will revise.
  • Garden/Art show—Tammy; garden art show will be May 5 from 6 to 8 pm in conjunction with CREW elections/swearing in; art show theme is Walk Through the Garden.
    • we have 4 rain barrels and are waiting on info regarding painting them and the cost of $25/barrel wooden stands plus paint. Locations: one under A/C unit by Tammy’s portable; one by the other portable if it produces enough condensation; and 2 by the gardens. Hope to have set up by 5/5/15. Brenda suggested perhaps CREW could cover the costs.
  • Conflict of interest and Governing Board elections; Andy reviewed 2 samples CoIs and will draft one for TIMA. Jack, Brenda, and Shawn are eligible for rotating off the board. Kim and Christen will coordinate nominating committee with Carolyn, who will send out nomination forms, etc.
  • Meeting with executive committee at Church—Perb, Pat, Carolyn. We asked them not to increase our rent, although we previously agreed to the increase. They didn’t say yes but they didn’t say no either; they need the approval of parish council and the bishop. They are good landlords, everything else discussed was approved and they are very satisfied and happy with us as tenants.
    • Cabinets for rooms for storage—like the ones in Mr. Klaras’ room. We have a TIMA parent who is also a contractor who will be providing a bid.
    • Grant to city of Tybee; we submitted a request for $22,000 to supply a stocked tech COW based on the city allocating funds for Tybee non-profits. 3/30 submission deadline for next year’s fiscal.
  • Public comments
  • Personnel
  • TIMA CREW and Bookfair—March 10
  • Tybee Tour of Homes—May 2; Brenda will create a SignUp Genius page with specific time slots and duties for volunteers to sign up

New Business

Open Agenda

Executive Session

Announcements/Upcoming Events

Carolyn moved that we adjourn meeting and begin executive session.


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