Governing Board Minutes 10-13-14

Governing Board


October 13, 2014


Governing Board members present: Carolyn Jurick, Jack Baizley, Kay Fortner, Perb Fortner, Kim Webster, Tammy Smith, Brenda Marion, Kelly Yambor, Patrick Rossiter

Governing Board members absent: Christen Clougherty, Alaina Bennett

Minutes—Brenda Minutes

Kim made a motion to approve, Tammy seconded, all approved

Treasurer’s Report-Kay

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for September 2014. The reconciled bank balances are South State Bank (Savannah Bank) $6,143.04 and BB&T $91,994.92 for a total of $98,137.96 for the month ending September 30, 2014.

Fixed assets total $80,452.83. Security deposits to Georgia Power total $ 1,175.00. None of the assets purchased with the federal grant monies are included in this amount.

The federal grant amounts are:

  • Planning grant $72,781.13
  • Implementation grant $400,000.00
  • Every child has SLO score electronically, SLO scores will be added to Powerscore. ITBS begins on Monday. We are testing 2nd – 5th grades Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with Friday reserved for make-up testing. 100% testing is the objective in charter. Kids will need wired mice for most of the test; 2nd grade will have their read to them.
  • Spoke at Legion meeting tonight—TIMA students are committed to join the Veteran’s Day parade on Saturday, November 15. There are 50-75 rental homes reserved for veterans as part of Tybee Salutes Heroes celebration
  • The head of 1st Student came into Pat’s office for a meeting that he initiated. The Publix shuttle has been re-instated from 7:55 to 8:20 am. 1st Student guy rode bus 279 after Pat did and agreed it had too many stops.
  • Spelling Bee—we thanked the sponsors on our marquis sign
  • Carolyn-Critz, Huc a Poos and sponsors –thoughts

Fixed assets (depreciable) totaled $92,524.83 with depreciation deducted of $ 15,269.74. Depreciable furniture or equipment is any that exceeds $1,000.00. This follows the rules recommended by the CPA firm. Expensed items totaled $380,238.30. We purchased an additional $31,267.17 of furniture and equipment that will be paid to SCCPS. This amount will be adjusted by $11,759.15 that they owe us for year ending June 30, 2014. This leaves a balance of $19,508.02. These numbers are per the CPA firm. The final audit has not been conducted by the state regarding the federal grant.

September 2014


$ 2,152.00 Spelling Bee (Total was $7,695.50. Remainder will be reported in October.)

$ 294.57 Five Guys


$ 109,097.00 Salaries, Benefits, and Taxes

$ 4,000.00 Rent

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 3,793.97 Utilities and Phone

$ 642.23 Copier rental

$ 2,141.02 Supplies Classroom

($ 1,306.46) Field Trips

$ 800.00 Contract Services Engineering Site visit

$ 214.79 Office Supplies

$ 295.96 Supplies Janitorial

$ 1,412.00 Insurance

$ 7214.50 Modular Units (Balance Sheet)

Brenda moved to approve, Carolyn seconded, all approved

Principal’s Report--Patrick Rossiter—Testing, etc.

Old Business

A ½ page ad in SMN is $400—more appropriate recognition would be for the students to make thank you cards. Critz is filming a commercial at 10 am on Friday and would like TIMA students to be in it. Board members volunteered their kids and agreed who would wear Sting Rays shirts and who would wear monogrammed uniform shirts even though it is a spirit wear dress down day.

  • Committees (Dates of meetings, goals, etc.)
  1. Safety-Tammy—trailer doors always need to be locked from the inside

On the annex building, latches were installed above kid height so class can be locked from the inside by teacher or adult in case of a lock down emergency. Our radios work almost to the library and the beach at 12th Street. We now have keys in office for every door in the main building. Ingress/egress of students from breakfast to class needs to be monitored so kids aren’t ever walking between buildings alone. First Aid kits were ordered for all classrooms. Pat is compiling mobile emergency kits for each building (a cooler or suitcase on wheels would work). Ocean Plaza agreed that we could use their lot and conference room in case of an emergency that required evacuation or if the gym couldn’t be reached for shelter.

  1. Assessment-Christen
  2. Facility-Perb

We have a new process for requesting repairs via email to Jennifer. All Cos from city of Tybee are in hand. We are still waiting on the state safety/fire marshall. The modular tie-downs have been covered with cushioning pipe foam material. Intrusion systems have been installed, paid for, and work (we had a false alarm but used it as a fire drill). Mulch is on the playground—approximately $1600 and we will need to replenish it about every 2 years. We saved about $1000 by spreading it ourselves. Kelly volunteered to look into the cost of rubberized playground base (like Memorial Park)…if we’re eligible for a facility grant next year, it could cover that cost.

  1. Finance-Kay: audit results—the CPA said everything was as it should be, no questions or concerns.  
  2. Communication-Alaina
  3. Development-Jack

New Business

  • PTVA (The TIMA CREW) update—Brenda: Pirate Fest hot dog sales made about $300, plus $50 for 5th grade field trip. Brenda will post a reminder to FB page about the $6/kid social studies weekly fee since so many people haven’t submitted payment. It’s for all students, K-5.
  • Tammy Smith (5th grade trip, funding for teacher supplies, safety, Tybee Youth Council); 5th grade will do a costly field trip every year that students help pay for with fundraisers like selling pirate gear before Pirate Fest; they will also sell trinkets before Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. They are scheduled to take a day trip visit to Charleston on May 19, are chartering a tour bus with Kelly tours, visiting the aquarium and Ft. Sumter for $119/student.
  • Alaina-Newsletter / Governing Board Alaina is moving to Michigan so we will need a parent to replace her on the governing board
  • Governing Board Training-Carolyn—maybe in conjunction with November board meeting.
  • There is a meeting of the Savannah charter schools to discuss transparency of funding

Open Agenda

A volunteer parent from each class will be needed to help with inventory once we know how to scan and do it.

It was decided that it is not appropriate for volunteers to handle office business when Jennifer is out of the office.

Carolyn moved that we adjourn to Executive Session; Kim seconded.

Executive Session

  • Personnel
  • October 13, 2014—Five Guys Burger
  • October 20—24, 2014 –Iowa Test of Basic Skills
  • October 28, 2014 – TIMA Crew meeting
  • October 31, 2014—Spirit Wear Dress Down Day
  • November 1, 2014--Last day of the 1st Trimester
  • November 7, 2014—Dress Down Day for the Food Pantry (toilet paper, etc.)
  • November 7, 2014—Report cards go home
  • November 8, 2014—Sons of American Legion Pancake Breakfast 9:00am-11:00

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