Governing Board Minutes 4-14-14

Tybee Island Maritime Academy

Founding/Governing Board


April 14, 2014



Board Members present: Brenda, Pat, Alaina, Tammy, Kenna, Christen, Carolyn, Perb, Kay, Ally, Jason

Minutes—Brenda: No March meeting or minutes (student lottery held in lieu of board meeting)

Alaina made motion to accept February meeting minutes, Tammy seconded, all in favor.

NOTE: ACTION items highlighted in yellow.

Treasurer’s Report-Kay

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for March 2014.   The reconciled bank balances are Savannah Bank $5,877.22 and BB&T $37,966.27 for a total of $43,843.49 for the month ending March 31, 2014.

Other assets include $32,479.98. None of the assets purchased with the federal grant monies are included in this amount.

March 2014


$ 225.00 from the Direct Donation letter

$ 3,005.00 Spelling Bee

$ 332.48 Five Guys


$ 40.00 Field Trip

$ 298.52 Staff Development

$ 4,000.00 Rent

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 376.66 Custodial Supplies

$ 1,677.76 Utilities and Phone

$ 201.90 Office Expense (Checks and Deposit Slips)

$ 21.02 Credit Card Fees

Pat has requested the next (and last) payment from SCCPSS

March Balance and P&L sheets also passed out.

NOVO Solutions Inventory System: $2495/year to implement and track inventory/assets. It’s cloud-based and will help tremendously with asset registry noted above that was very tedious.

The $400K implementation grant and $75K planning grant are almost fully reconciled

$791.69 refund from GA Power on original deposit required. Now working on similar refund from phone company.

Huc-A-Poo’s 2013 Tybee Idol fundraiser raised $2046 which is allocated to help cover student costs for field trips.

Suggestion for future years, to have an annual field trip by grade (e.g.,1st grade annual dolphin tour with Cap’t Mike; 2nd grade Ships of Sea Museum, 4th grade Roseway tall ship, etc.)

On April 2, Pat, Kay, Perb, and Carolyn had an informal meeting with SCCPSS board regarding per pupil funding for 2014-2015 school year. We requested $6950/student for 248 students. Should know by July what is budgeted and there were no questions asked about our proposal because the presentation was so thorough!

Christen made motion to approve Treasurer’s Report, Carolyn seconded, all approved.

Old Business

  • Enrollment
  • Any committee reports
  • Committees (Dates of meetings, goals, etc.)
  1. Safety-Tammy
  2. Assessment--Christine
  3. Building-Perb
  4. Finance-Kay
  5. Communication-Alaina—suggestion was made to include ACTION items in the minutes as reminders for board members tasked with specific items, if applicable. Alaina is working on a template for a newsletter, which would include section for updates from Pat/school, governing board, and CREW.
  6. Marketing

Building – Kay completed the asset register with all equipment, signs, electronics and computers. From that we have completed and timely filed the business personal property tax return that was due on April 1, 2014.

We have requested a tax exemption from the business personal property tax as imposed by Chatham County. The county received that request along with our business property tax return on March 31, 2014.

Fire Alarm monitoring. We continue to have issues with the FA monitoring. An update from Pat is that the system had accidentally been unplugged and is not handled. WE will need to get a secure cage to lock it down

Other. We have requested permission from St. Michael’s Parish Council to remove the gravel from the front area and to paint the balance of the Gym to match the other part of the building. We await their decision.

Modular classrooms.   March 18, 2014. Carolyn, Perb, Pat, Kay and Tammy presented our request to the Tybee Island Planning Commission for our modular classrooms and we received unanimous conditional approval.

April 10, 2014. Carolyn, Perb, Pat, Kay and Tammy presented our request to the Tybee Island City Council for our modular classrooms and we again received unanimous conditional approval. The conditions are that we meet all code requirements.

Thanks to Dianne Otto for her assistance in getting our request details ready and her support in getting approval. She went above and beyond by allowing us to present our request without all of the engineering requirements having to be done in advance of approval, which saved a large sum of money.

Quotes. We now have quotes (not final) from 2 companies. Modular Mobile and Vanguard Modular. I have put together a spreadsheet showing the different options that they have provided for our discussion. After discussion, the Board voted to have Perb proceed with the steps to acquire the modular classrooms. Pat will handle getting the ramps and assist Perb with modular classrooms.

Engineering. I have contacted EMC (the engineering firm that we use) to get us quotes on the electrical, water and sewer connections. Tim Baumgartner (EMC) is working on getting us that information to review.

Discussion about when test results for CRTC will be available and should we wait until next year to announce results or announce them before the end of this school year. Jack made a motion to release this year’s test scores with a press release and then report next year’s Iowa Basic test scores so we have a baseline against which to measure this year’s scores. Brenda seconded, all approved.

          New Business

  • TIMA By laws update—Carolyn to send out revised by-laws based on changes made during April 14 meeting. Christen made a motion to approve by-laws as amended on 4/14, Alaina seconded, all in favor.
  • Governing board duties and responsibilities—Carolyn will send an email and post to FB with governing board duties and application, noting May 1 deadline for application, so parents have time to vote on applicants/slate.
  • Governing board application
  • Request for meeting with SCCPSS (we want a reconciliation of something Kay figured out—they double-charged us b/c teachers didn’t start working for TIMA until August but SCCPSS charged July and August salaries against our budget for a discrepancy of almost $70K ($69,354 to be exact)
  • Principal Evaluation—using LKOS (leadership keys) next year; this year’s evaluation will be based on Pat’s job description (attached with minutes)
  • Teacher interviews and new hire procedures, etc. –Pat decided to use a committee of 4 for the interviews, himself, 1 teacher representing lower school, 1 teacher representing upper school, and 1 person representing governing board. Pat will bring top 3 candidates to board once they’ve been vetted by Carolyn/Pat. There are (2) kindergarten positions posted, (1) primary school position (1st through 3rd grade), and (1) intermediate position (4th and 5th grade)
  • PTVA (The TIMA CREW) update—Brenda 2014-2015 board slate was approved: Rory Coyle (incumbent), Jan Hughes Rush (incumbent), Lizzie Kronsberg (incumbent), Sierra Echols (incumbent), Brenda Marion (incumbent), Amy McLarty (new), Erin Flanigan (new), Angela Morris (new). Book Fair did great—Brenda double checking on total funds raised but knows we exceeded minimum of $500 in sales needed. MRS chicken dinner sold over 100 dinners. Teacher appreciation day scheduled for May 17—room moms providing a variety of items for teachers to make lunch and arranging thank you gifts by class. 5 Guys Burgers and Fries fundraiser tonight. May 17 CREW-sponsored Picnic in the Park cancelled due to conflicts with baseball and soccer games on Saturdays.
  • Mobile Classrooms-Perb presented various bids; Jack made a motion to empower Perb to make whatever decision he felt was in the school’s best interest, Ally seconded. All in favor.
  • Testing-CRCT
  • State of the School Address: Pat’s intention for May meeting is that all current teachers will be renewed for contract next school year, plus any new hires. Open positions will be posted through April 20 and he hopes to have all contracts offered and finished by 5/15/14.
  • Tour of Homes –June 7, 2014—Volunteers needed to be in-home docents, help with the luncheon, etc.
  • 4th grade will be presenting a government project for funding debate to city council on 4/24/14 at 7 pm. If approved by council, they will present the project to the entire school. Project is for human and pet hair collection for sand dune screens.
  • Drama Club will be hosting performances on May 8th and 9th at 6:30 pm
  • 1st graders created a garden
  • Claire Owens was voted by TIMA teachers as Teacher of the Year for SCCPSS nominee.

Open Agenda

Trash consideration—we have 9 trash bins and 1 recycle bin but are only paying for pick up of two bins. Jason suggested contacting Waste Pro manager and asking them to pick up all bins as public service rather than upping our trash bill by several hundred dollars per month.

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