Governing Board Minutes 6-8-14

Founding/Governing Board

Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2014



Board Members Present: Patrick Rossiter, Alaina Bennett, Jack Baizley, Alyson (Ally) Cannady, Tammy Smith, Kay Fortner, Perb Fortner, Kenna Wilson-Bote, Carolyn Jurick, Christen Clougherty, Brenda Marion


Jack made a motion to approve the minutes; Ally seconded; all in favor

Treasurer’s Report-Kay

June 17 we have appointments with two different CPAs to bid on our annual, required audit and tax return. We have budgeted $6,000 for this and whoever we select will be certified. So far, we are meeting with Carlton Hodges and Chris Liddel (KRT), and also working on a meeting with the CPA that Oglethorpe Charter School uses. All are familiar with school tax returns and the 990 federal tax form.

Tour of Homes update:

There was a lot of interest in the school at onsite ticket pick up. The tour itself went smoothly but ticket sales were down; the TIMA donation from tour profits will probably be down by 6-8K from what we received last year. Ticket sales increased by $10. Which we feel affected sales. We’ll store all of the signs for next year, hoping to take over the tour next year from the current committee and keep all, or at least more, of the funds raised.

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for May 2014. The reconciled bank balances are Savannah Bank $5,877.22 and BB&T $ 54311.20 for a total of $60,188.42 for the month ending May 31, 2014.

Other assets include $33,418.00. None of the assets purchased with the federal grant monies are included in this amount.

May 2014       


$ 500.00 from Donations – Optimist Club

$ 485.75 Music and Art Fundraiser

$ 250.00 Magnet Sales

$ 246.51 Five Guys

$ 36.00 Sale of Teacher Authored Books


$ 360.32 Classroom Supplies

$ 473.42 Field Trips (First Student transportation)

$ 4,000.00 Rent

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 305.20 Custodial Supplies

$ 70.07 Office Supplies

$ 1,495.56 Utilities and Phone

$ 362.49 Copier rental

$ 147.00 Postage (Report Cards)

$ 720.00 Annual Fire Inspection

$ 971.35 Office Furniture

Teachers need to include transportation costs for field trips next year.

Old Business

  • Enrollment-Waitlist and openings
  • Any committee reports
  • Committees (Dates of meetings, goals, etc.)
  1. Safety-Tammy: Safety Patrol Vests arrived; 5th graders will have 16 different patrol points. TIPD did a table top for emergency training and planning. We need to update CPR-trained staff. We need two rolling file cabinets for emergency supplies (blankets, tin warmers, required emergency kits, etc. Things that cannot be stored in the nurse’s office). We need a lock-down protocol—hallways or gym if possible
  2. Assessment—Christen: results of faculty survey are in. Three lowest scores were 3.92 out of 5 for having resources needed to teach; 4.33 out of 5 for level of collaboration between teachers; and 4.42 out of 5 for overall communications. Whole faculty student will address the second score, while we work to improve communications with parents and faculty via regular newsletter for 2014-2015 school year. We received 100% marks for attention to standardized tests, understanding the mission, and feeling supported in the project approach. 4.5 was the score given for being satisfied with the teaching experience at TIMA.
  3. Facility (Engineering and Mobile Units)-Perb: Engineering plans are completed. All plans (electric, water, sewer, foundation, ramps, etc.) have been provided to city in blue print form. Code requirement for hurricane tie-downs met. General contractor getting pricing for implementation of utilities and will do foundation and tie-downs; one is ready, the other is being finished up. Meeting this week with all of the necessary parties. Ramps can begin as soon as height of buildings for flood zone is determined. Once the buildings are in place, we’ll work with SCCPSS on low voltage installation for phone, computers, projectors, etc. Because they are buildings used for a public purpose, the city has to pass on to county for their approval. Hoping to have approval this week. Forecast for move-in is end of first full week in July. We have a parent who is a contractor who has offered to help with the buildings’ ramps. We could look at fundraising options with boards like Oatland Island.
  4. Finance-Kay
  5. Communication-Alaina: decided to use MailChimp for email newsletter. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be the source address for all sent emails from MailChimp. Jennifer is the new TIMA admin and can help with website and email communications, too.
  6. Marketing: Can we get a quote to code out website with more pictures?

If CREW wants to make a donation to TIMA, needs to be done by June 30 in order to count towards this fiscal year.

Enrollment update:

We have 12 openings in 4th grade (there are 38 enrolled)

We have 53 kindergartners, but not all have submitted the necessary paperwork.

Any new student to SCCPSS needs to have nutrition profile update (new requirement this year).

In 1st grade, there are 9 kids on wait list

In 2nd grade, there are 5 kids on wait list

In 3rd grade, we have 47 kids enrolled with 3 openings

In 5th grade, there are 5 kids on wait list

If we move art/music to carts and use the classroom as class space we would get about 90K for students/would need to hire an additional teacher, but could still net 50K.

One option to accommodate all students is:

combo 1st and 2nd (new hire—18 kids/class max)

combo 2nd and 3rd

combo of 3rd and 4th

Discussion of class size ensued; board decided against moving art and music to a cart. Carolyn will look at 1st and 2nd, 2nd and 3rd, and 3rd and 4th combos, allowing us to add more students without hiring additional teacher(s).

Jack made a motion to go into Executive Session; Tammy seconded.

          New Business

  • Pat’s Evaluation
  • PTVA (The TIMA CREW) update—Brenda
  • Mobile Classrooms and preparation-Perb
  • Survey –Christen

       Patrick Rossiter -- Update

Open Agenda

Executive Session

  • Personnel
    • Orientation/Open House

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