Governing Board Minutes 1-27-14

Board members present: Kay Fortner, Perb Fortner, Carolyn Jurick, Brenda Marion, Christen Clougherty, Kenna Wilson-Bote, Alaina Bennett, Jack Baizley. Patrick Rossiter, Tammy Smith


Carolyn welcomed everyone and started the meeting at 7 pm.

Minutes—Brenda emailed the minutes out prior to the meeting for all to review. Carolyn moved to approve the minutes, Jack seconded, and all were in favor.

Treasurer’s Report—Kay gave the treasurer’s report and a motion was made by Brenda to approve, which was seconded by Kenna and all approved.

December 2013 TIMA Treasurer’s Report

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for December. The bank statement balances are Savannah Bank $5,041.02 and BB&T 18,344.49 for a total of $23,385.51 for the month ending December 2013. The bank statement balances as of January 24, 2014 are Savannah Bank $5,041.02 and BB&T $50,555.30 for a total of $55,596.32.

Other assets include $32,479.98. None of the assets purchased with the federal grant monies are included in this amount.

December 2013


$ 484.10 from the Art and Music Fundraiser


$ 812.75 Textbooks and Instructional equipment

$ 560.31 Supplies

$ 4,000.00 Rent

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 1,915.76 Utilities and Phone

A preview of January 2014

$ 322.25 Fundraiser Income ($ 300.00 Five Guys)

$ 4,000.00 Rent

$ 1,970.42 Utilities and Phone

$ 162.85 Security

$ 597.25 Supplies

$ 2,990.00 Custodial services

$ 225.25 Staff Development and Conference

Old Business

  • Grants—We did not get the Coca-Cola grant. We won’t qualify for any federal/minority-based grants because we don’t have enough free/reduced lunches.
  • Alarm
  • Website—Christen requested a P.O. of $100 for Jillison to create the Recommitment form. Moving forward, Christen will be able to make any edits but this was a new form. Carolyn made a motion to approve the expense, Alaina seconded. P.O. was approved unanimously.

          New Business

  • Enrollment, Admissions and recommitment—As of this meeting, we have 66 total applications for open admission. Recommitment forms due by 2/18/14.
  • New personnel (procedure)
  • Meeting dates—Meetings were moved to the 2nd Monday of the month, making the next meeting Monday, February 10. Google calendar dates on website will be updated by Brenda.
  • School Update—Pat. First off, wanted to thank the Tybee Methodist Church for their loan of tables at Elizabeth fundraiser dinner. We are progressing on CRTC prep—the goal is 100% pass rate. STAR and ITBS data are in alignment, which is good. 52 kids will take the CRTC test.
  • Teacher Update--Tammy
  • PTVA (The TIMA CREW) update—Brenda CREW is initiating a Direct Donation Drive campaign, which will be a letter sent home to all TIMA families asking for direct donations rather than having students sell various products to raise money. Donors can pay online through the paypal link on TIMA website, or send in a check. Goal is $5000 and there will be dress down days for all students when we reach the halfway point and again when we meet (or exceed!) our goal. CREW is also planning a book fair April 1 through April 5 at the school.
  • Fundraisers-Elizabeth and Sons of American Legion SAL pancake breakfast raised $1316…we served 201 breakfasts, which was a record for the SAL. We will plan to do two fundraiser breakfasts next year, one in the first half of the school year and a second after Christmas break.

The Elizabeth’s dinner was fabulous, grossing $8,000. Thanks to all of the Elizabeth’s staff as well as TIMA teachers who helped serve. The owner of Elizabeth’s said to Pat, “I’ve done a lot of school fundraisers, but your teachers are really happy to be here!”

  • Rental of Facility—if a group wants to rent the TIMA gym, a decision will be made on a case-by-case basis. The minimum amount charged will cover the cost to clean the gym after the event (e.g., Tybee Home Tours luncheon in gym).
  • Mobile Classrooms—we are looking at adding two mobile classrooms; each one needs a site plan, floor plan, decision on whether or not to include restrooms, an electrical plan, plumbing plan, architect stamp and engineering stamp, and must be handicap accessible. Currently, we are looking at one on the basketball court, which would allow easy access to bathrooms inside building and save money on having to include them in the mobile unit. The other would be located by the annex and would definitely need restrooms in it. We are seeking approval for two buildings, whether we need only one or not, just to be safe. The goal is to have them approved and installed by June 30 to allow for any unforeseen contingencies. The mobile classrooms are 24’ x 60’ and the St. Michael’s parish council has sent the request to the bishop for his approval. Teachers begin August 1, 2014.
  • Committees (Dates of meetings, goals, etc.)Safety, Assessment, Building, finance, Communication and Marketing, Nominations.
  • Enrollment, Admissions and Recommitment-through February 28, 2014

Open Agenda

Executive Session

Carolyn moved that we head into executive session; Christen seconded, all were in favor.

Announcements/Upcoming Events

Next meeting—February 24, 2014


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