Governing Board Minutes 10-28-13

Treasurer’s report submitted by Kay, read by Carolyn

$10K donation from Critz

Carolyn purchased plaques for Critz and Huc-a-Poo’s to thank them for their support

Alaina moved to approve last meeting’s minutes; Jack seconded, all in favor

Facility update—

Big copier is here and working; facility is done with the exception of cameras, which will be completely operational this week

Technology update—computers are up and functioning; some printing difficulties between the two buildings but working out the kinks; big copier is hooked up to sccpss system; there is a receptacle for toner recycling in the front hall

Iowa basic testing starts Monday, November 18

Rory spoke about community day…6 kids from miss owens class about recycling, handing out pamphlets about life cycle of trash and effects in ocean. Recycling bins still being utilized in school

TIMA meeting dates moved to 4th Monday of the month.

Attorney update—welcome Ellen Schoolar! Carolyn will email her a copy of the charter and the contract we have with the state as it supercedes the charter


Pages are up and ready--christen and sean meeting this week to implement everything else’ need ot coordinate training for teachers; Tuesday afternoons are staff meetings, so that’s the best place to start.

Enrollment info for next year should go up before holiday break this year.


Publix Partners, box tops,

Direct donation

School update

Secretary terry ryan’s mother died; funeral tomorrow; TIMA will make a contribution to Hospice in her name

We lost 3 students this week; one to TX, one to India, and one to Marsh Point

Visit from mike Sullivan from SKiO

ITBS testing November 18—totally online administration, saving tons of $ and space (having to store tests, answer keys, scores, etc.) This is a benchmark just for TIMA as SCCPSS does not use ITBS. We have a baseline on every child in school from Star Reading. PR very happy with scores. We are a bell curve school, open to everyone, so that is to be expected.

Spread the word to parents that when a teacher asks you to help your child at home, do so (sight words, multiplication tables, etc.) Do whatever it takes to help increase their vocabularies as this is so critical in excelling. Suggestion to read a few grade levels above at night to help increase vocabulary and then suggested similar “tips” from Carolyn and PR to be posted to TIMA Crew FB page.

12 week report card (Trimesters) per charter, one of many growing pains with a 9 week SCCPSS grading timeline

Headlice is going around…PR will be sure to let parents know so all are aware and checking their kids

Communications update

Teacher pages will communicate specifics about each class and TIMA/TIMA Crew sites can have more general school info, calendars, etc.

2nd Friday of the month being considered for dress down days (PR to check testing conflicts, etc.)

Bi-weekly newsletter to go out via Crew

3 bids for school photos; Life Touch donated most back to school but at higher-cost packages; Wen McNally had the best to offer across the board (30% of all proceeds to TIMA); PR made a motion that we accept photography and year book services of McNallys. Brenda made a motion, Christen seconded; all approved.

Yearbooks could also provide avenue for ad sales

Web-based ads in electronic newsletter is another avenue to explore

Or good way to thank sponsors with complimentary ad space

School zone speed limits—Perb was looking into Jones


The ones on Butler aren’t flashing b/c speed limit is already 30.

During car pool when people pull up for “big school,” they are cutting off people doing drop off at “little school”


State audited implementation and planning grant—they were very impressed with our notebook organized by what we’ve spent, POs, etc. they wondered if we went to their training we had it so well prepared; we read everything they suggested and we followed suit; the other charter schools did not succeed as well – Kay and Perb special thanks for all of the hours they put in getting it organized

Inventory—all of the computers are labeled by COW (computer on wheels); need to label stuff purchased with federal dollars differently than those things purchased with state dollars


Christen sent PR grant applications (iPad and Lego) two interns last spring drafted grant for 100 additional iPads and 5 Lego robotics kits; should be mailing out any day now that PR has signed off on them

Carolyn meeting with Susan Mason, Master Gardeners, meeting tomorrow at 12:30. Boy Scouts are already lined up to do Eagle Scout project to help (classroom raised beds); Whole Foods also provides grant funds for gardens. Trustees Garden grant looking at landscaping for front of school. Rory went to school for horticulture, so she is very interested in helping out.

TIMA Xmas parade; BBM moved that we participate in a similar fashion to Piratefest so parents are responsible for their own kids; Ally seconded; all in favor.

Open agenda

Carolyn has all of the info about 6-7-8 middle school expansion if anyone wants to take the ball and run with it. Need a band, athletics, larger teacher/pupil ratio, space for classrooms, etc. there really is no space here; could we get a loan to build up on a property that isn’t ours? CJ doesn’t think the state will accept an amendment to add middle school until we can prove our success at the end of first or second year. Major undertaking. Christen volunteered to chair a feasibility committee to see what are our greatest challenges and who are our greatest allies.

Jack brought up how are we going to accommodate 5th grade? CJ replied, we’re looking at adding a mobile space for 5th grade.

Christen made a motion that we go to exec session; Aly seconded it. All in favor.


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