Governing Board Minutes 9-23-13

9/23/13 governing board

Carolyn Jurick was out of town so Christen Clougherty opened the meeting

Jack Baizley made the motion to approve minutes from previous meeting; Tammy Smith seconded

Treasurer’s report, Kay Fortner

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for August. The bank balances are Savannah Bank $17,070.02 and BB&T $12,088.57 for a total of $29,158.59.

Other assets include a sign deposit of $14,710.00.


We received $8,000 from the Savannah Chatham County Board of Education toward our pupil funding.


$325.38 Supplies

$4,000.00 Rent

$2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 410.29 Utilities and Phone

Our Net Income was $274.33

Asset Ga Power Deposit of $915.00

  • Ran a credit check and it is indicated deposit was required

  • Will earn interest after 6 mos @ 3% which can be use against bill once a year

  • Deposit will be held life of service

A preview of September

$33,082.50 Balance of first quarter payment from Sav- Chatham County BOE per student funding less salaries

$4,000 Rent

$2,745.47 Utilities and Phone

$620.60 Supplies

$14,075 Sign balance paid from money received for sign from Ann West Foundation

$2,990 Custodial services

$20,000 toward First City Enterprises for painting building, blinds, other maintenance. Balance if approximately $8,700

Custodian original budget was equivalent of 37K head custodian; with a school open 12-14 hours per day, we couldn’t get someone for that amount; so we outsourced the job to a company that provided us with a custodian who can meet our hours and be replaced if he is sick, etc. This prevents us from having to hire two people; contract includes buffing machines, and cleaning supplies that we didn’t have the budget to purchase up front. Also switched out paper towels for a cost savings.

Perb Fortner mentioned student insurance and we have an invoice for $418 to be paid in September.

Parent asked if custodian could smoke away from prime time back door exit as bad influence on kids coming and going. Mr. Rossiter said he would address it.

Budget is approx. $11k per month, not including salaries.

Alaina Bennett made a motion to approve the budget, which was seconded by Jack Baizley.

Perb Fortner facilities update: we have almost everything in place; we are missing 3 plates for camera installation; other than that we are up to date; hope to have that done by next week; cameras will be in both buildings.

Per Tammy Smith, Mimeos are up and working; laptops, projectors and iPads are all working well.

Pat Rossier reported that we held two fire drills in August per state law; buildings were empty within a minute and a half; main building exits are front door and gym exit to avoid Butler Avenue traffic.

Christen reported that we did not get the grant from the state and we cannot reapply.

Website: is working with Sean McNally and Jillison (original TIMA website designer) to maintain current Joomla-hosted site; any postings must go through Pat before being published; Brenda Marion, TIMA secretary, to send previous meeting minutes to Sean to add; Sean is also designing a WordPress template for teachers to communicate with parents and parents will have the ability to login to teachers’ pages. Sean also offered to volunteer and do WordPress training for any teachers interested.

TIMA crew website is public, FB page is invite-only for parents.

Website will be an important recruitment tool for future student recruitment.

Mascot: We are officially the TIMA sting rays.

PTVA name is TIMA Crew.

Received $330 in membership dues at first Crew meeting; $165 additional funds raised on dress down day.

Crew looking at dates for Spelling Bee fundraiser and hosting a general Technology Fundraiser with a $20K target to cover future purchase of iPads, laptops, and other technology as we add a 5th grade class next year and need to replace equipment on occasion.

School update Pat—151 students, 152 starting September 30 (we are funded on 150 by BOE)

Two kindergarten classes, one is shared K-1

One 1st grade class

One 2nd grade class (Mr. John Klaras)

One shared 2nd/3rd grade class (Ms. Natalie Mercer)

One 4th grade classs (Ms. Tammy Smith)

One shared 3rd/4thgrade calss (Mr. Nivea Lee Butler)

Pat requested that Carolyn address parents’ concerns about 5th grade next year and adding a middle school charter at next board meeting. Board decided to start a subcommittee to explore middle school charter and where we could realistically add trailers, build up, etc. to house it.

Pre-testing should be completed by the end of this week, STAR Reading and Math.

K-1 early literacy, 2,3,4 are doing STAR reading and math (SLOs: specific learning objectives)

ITBS Iowa Basic given to 3,4,5 grades; compare our children with other schools; Chatham County schools do not administer ITBS; we will need to purchase those tests; discussion will ensue of whether to take the tests online or not; Pat leaning towards not doing it online, benefit is getting the scores earlier when taken online.

In terms of grading, we are on a trimester, 60 days long, not traditional quarter; TIMA Crew Co-Chair Karen Martin-Bazemore requested those dates be posted to website for parents’ knowledge.

Beach crawl 9/27:Can we send out an email blast to all parents? Can we send out a voice mail message to all parents? Have we checked on tide? Jay Burke donating umbrellas for shade. Beach attire ok but there will be no swimming; students will be on the beach the whole time with a break for lunch and cooling off; Christen requested that any email blasts sent to parents also be sent to board members.

Huc-a-poos Tybee Idol raised $1846 for TIMA ($2121 was total raised, less expenses). Great time; very Tybee event!

Alaina suggested we get a poster board for students, parents, etc. to sign and thank teachers who participated; Tammy said she would coordinate.

Pirate fest crew will be selling hot dogs, chips, cokes in gym; parents are free to walk in the parade with their kids.

Christen requested future school reports add something about project-based approach

Community day 9/29

Jan Rush Hughes asked a question about and Pat suggested she call the main school office and ask for school nutritionist to answer any specific questions.

Pat suggested CREW create a couple of banners to replace original TIMA ones with outdated logo; Karen has access to SCAD wide-format printers; Christen said she would look into vinyl costs and Karen/Sean can handle everything else.

Posting of school zone speed limits: Pat will follow up with GA Power; $6/per sign/month to cover cost of flashing lights; can we get city or Chatham County or DOT to cover that cost? Jones avenue: TIPD and DOT are working together to put something in on Jones. Karen asked about bike helmet regulations; it is state law that anyone under 15 must wear a helmet; although we do not want to police kids, we will post a reminder for parents on FB/website that kids should be wearing helmets.

Annual report due soon, 90% is based on results after one year, so we are doing it as more of a benchmark for future reports.

Audit of implementation and planning grants—Kay, Perb, and Carolyn are rounding up the info, working with Chatham County board, etc. Audit will be conducted onsite at TIMA October 9.

Critz award--$70K distributed amongst 10 groups, we don’t know amount yet, thinking it will end up being about $7K and we were proud to be included.

Friday accent paper; Tybee author writes for Accent section; doing a story on bougainvillea, which is named after the Count de Bougainville, the first Frenchman to circumnavigate the globe; plant is thorny, crown of thorns tie-in, etc. Author wants to tie the school into the article and so a couple of TIMA students had their photos taken by some local bougainvillea.

Intern from spring prepared two grants, one for additional iPads and one for Lego robotic kits and Christen hopes to send those out in the next week…getting with Kay to go over financials.

Board committees:

Assessment—Christen/Kenna volunteered to chair (Carolyn and Perb will need to be involved as well)

Facilities—Perb was nominated


Finance—Kay volunteered (Pat and Carolyn need to be involved as well)

Safety—Tammy/Alaina volunteered

PTVA representative—Brenda Marion/Jack

Special committees, like maritime “expert” (attend MLET meetings, etc.) Tammy and Alaina volunteered

Board is transitioning from nuts and bolts to policy making/enforcing group, as evidenced by the website switching to more school info, not focused on registering students, etc.

Steele Knudsen stopped in to talk about cub scouts since there was a lot of interest after the skate night last Friday that had a group of Wilmington cub scouts.

Steele also has a program of teaching the periodic tables as super heroes; Tammy noted that standards don’t cover periodic table, so it would depend on how it tied in other disciplines (math, reading, etc.) Pat said introduction of elements is usually in 5th.


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