Governing Board

Responsibility for the overall well-being of the Tybee Island Maritime Academy and attainment of the goals outlined in our Charter resides with the Governing Board of Directors. Our non-profit Governing Board comprises of volunteer community members and parents of TIMA students.

These responsibilities include: ensuring that our focus remains on the children, that our educational goals are clear, and that there are appropriate means for measuring our progress; ensuring the financial stability of the school and its adherence to legal mandates; and ensuring the safety and appropriateness of our learning facility.

The Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in the school gym. All Board meetings are open to the public for observation, and comply with the Georgia state statutes on open and public meetings.

Governing Board

Jason Buelterman - Educator and coordinator of the International Baccalaureate Program at Johnson High School in Savannah, Georgia (1999-present); Congressional Aide to Congressman Rob Portman (OH) (1997-1998); Mayor of Tybee Island, 2006-present; President, District 12, Georgia Municipal Association(2007-present); Tybee City Council (2002-2005).

Carolyn Jurick - Retired educator; elementary principal (1980-2004); principal of Addison Elementary School, the first charter school in Georgia, (1988-2004). Since her retirement: interim principal; Cobb County Leadership Academy(2004-2009); consultant in the research department at the University of Georgia(2004-2009); new principal mentor(2006-2009).

Christen Clougherty, Ph.D. - Executive Director of Nobis Project, Inc., a non-profit educational organization; PhD research in experiential education, service-learning, and global citizenship through the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom; undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland with a major in non-profit business management; founder of Thundersmith Industries, Inc., a non-profit performances art company; Friends of Oatland (FOO) of the Oatland Island Wildlife Center board member.

Brenda Marion - While landlocked in Kansas City, MO, Brenda and Tyler Marion were married on Tybee Island in May of 2003. The Marions moved to Tybee permanently in 2007 and planned to send their son Jack to school at St. Michael's when he turned 5. When St. Michael's closed and interest in starting a charter school arose, Brenda was quick to volunteer her time and energy. Brenda is a freelance writer, editor, and blogger.

Kay K. Fortner - Savannah Native; senior executive at H&R Block; worked with IRS and congress to develop electronic filing; consultant to Jackson Hewitt tax services; co-owner Jackson Hewitt Tax Services Franchise operating 58 offices with 400 seasonal employees and 20 year around employees; retired 8/24/2009.

Perb Fortner, CFO - Held several leadership and executive positions with H&R Block including responsibility for international franchise program, retired after 32 years (1969-2000). Executive Vice President Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (2000-2005). Retired in 2005. Business consultant 2006 -2010. Chairman of Leadership Tybee 2010-2013.

Kelly Yambor/Jeremy Diehl - BS Michigan State University 1992. Executive chef Elizabeth on 37th. Most importantly Leo's Mom, 19 year Tybee resident. Leo is 6 and in Mrs. Owen's first grade class. LOVE this school, thankful to all who have worked so hard for the benefit of these lucky children and parents.

Kim Webster - As the parent of two TIMA students, my goal is to see TIMA meet its vision and mission statements and exceed its educational goals. I want to make sure the school is financially sustainable and to ensure the teachers strive for excellence in test scores while individual student's skills are taken into consideration and built on. As a community member, I want to ensure we develop and nurture a healthy and secure environment for the youth of Tybee and Chatham County to learn and prosper. My professional areas of expertise are sales, marketing, public relations and operational management. My parenting and community member skills are the love and concern for my children and the community as a whole.

Jack Baizley - Grandson in kindergarten at TIMA. Long history of coaching and teaching, most recently at St. Andrew's School, where he was head varsity baseball coach and taught 8th grade history. Has coached football and baseball at all levels from youth to high school to college.

Shawn Flynn- With two daughters attending TIMA, I want to support the school in a manner that helps TIMA deliver the best possible environment for the students, helping delivering on the expectations from parents, and ultimately drives towards renewing the school's charter.







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