Governing Board Minutes 4-10-17

Governing Board

Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2017

Welcome: Carolyn Jurick called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Governing board members present: Patrick Rossiter, Sara Mitchell, Christy Edwards, Tammy Smith, Carolyn Jurick, Kay Fortner, Heather Harvey, Brenda Marion, Duff Smith, Perb Fortner, Jason Ball

Also present: Julia Pearce

Minutes: Brenda Marion

Kay Fortner moved to approve minutes with previously submitted corrections, Heather Harvey seconded, all were in favor.

Budget: Kay  

March 2017 TIMA Treasurer’s Report

Discussed YTD donations/fundraisers vs 2016 and budget outline of YTD vs last year. Version 2 of the budget added a guidance counselor, nurse, and special ed. teacher. The finance committee will meet to ensure the budget is best utilized on spending any additional funds in classrooms (people and equipment).

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for March 2017. The reconciled bank balances are BB&T $1,081,055.15, PayPal TIMA $2,310.02, and PayPal Tour of Homes $3,335.18  for a total of $1,086,700.35 for the month ending March 31, 2017. 

March 2017


$ 205.25 Dress Down Day

$ 155.74 Tour of Homes Fundraiser Income Tickets $ 440.00, Expense Advertising $270.00, PayPal Fee $14.26

$ 354.88 Other Fundraisers Five Guys $237.64, Jersey Mikes $122.00, Magnets $10.00, Expenses Elizabeth’s $14.76


$148,329.00 Salaries and Benefits

$3,000.00 Outside Contractors Russ Moore Charter Renewal

$66.86 Instruction Field Trips $112.00 Supplies Classroom $45.14

$2,990.00 Custodial Services

$150.00 Cleaning Fee Received from St Michaels $50.00, Clean up Weekend $200.00

$541.75 Equipment Rental Copier

$260.00 Maintenance Building Repair Annex Door

$ 5,167.00  Rent

$ 2,835.00 Rent Modular Classrooms

$ 1,859.59 Utilities

$ 36.94 Business Expense  Business Registration $ 30.00, 1099 forms $ 6.94

$ 16.29   Supplies Office    Batteries $32.71, Refund $49.00

$ 384.83 Telephone

$ 815.00 Insurance

$ 1,708.09 Travel, Conferences and Meetings  Ga Charter School Conference Pat and Noel  $915.00, State Capitol Exp Pat $757.08, Lunch $36.01

Kay Fortner asked what the annual teacher pay increase percentage would be for budget and Pat Rossiter said 2%.

Christy Edwards moved to accept financials as presented. Jason Ball seconded. All were in favor.

Charter renewal

Russ Moore is still writing it; plans to have a draft to Carolyn Jurick and Pat Rossiter for review by end of this week. His contract states that he will author it by May for submission by June and submission isn’t due until August 1st, so we still have time. Discussed the hoops needed to go through for submission. 

Strategic Planning-Christy Edwards

Strategic Plan is done; next step is to create work plans aligned with objectives and goals. If committees are approved, they’ll need to be added to the by-laws. Duff Smith volunteered to review. The new conflict of interest policy needs to be included in the by-laws, too.

By Laws

Tour of Homes –Heather Harvey

Created a new Facebook page and started doing promotions to increase awareness and ticket sales. Post reach was 14k, click-throughs of posts were 2.2%, and we targeted Hilton Head, Atlanta, and Jacksonville. The Visit Tybee blog post had a click-through rate of 3.7%. Other promotions targeted women ages 30-65 within 50 miles of Tybee and local businesses within 20 miles of TIMA. Amanda Wilder has created a sign-up genius page for all volunteer slots. Cindy Pederson coordinated sponsorships; we had $2500 last year and are up to 6 confirmed sponsors plus 2 more that committed today for $1100 so far. Earned Media: ad/article on Tiffany Obrien’s home in the Beachcomber; DO Savannah article, and the home at 5 10th Place will be featured in Savannah Magazine next month. We’ll be finalizing and distributing the press release this week. Hannah Burnsed with Visit Tybee will be sending to their media contact list for us. Susie Streetwater is posting scheduled updates to tour Facebook page. We sold 89 tickets via PayPal last year and sent an email to that list via Mailchimp with the link to purchase tickets again this year. Q105.3 is doing a promotion for us; we gave them 5 pairs of tickets and they will promote giveaway to their email list of 6k plus post to their website and Facebook page and promote on-air the week before the tour. We’ve sold 20 tickets so far on PayPal and the rest were distributed to vendors for selling: Seaside Sisters (sold 2 already), TIMA, Chu’s on Tybrisa, Saints & Shamrocks in town. Posters should be printed this week once all sponsors are confirmed. Lunch crew will meet to finalize their plan and report back to tuour committee.

Governing board elections and what to do

The SCCPSS still has a rule for charters that the board must be comprised of a majority of parents but they don’t really follow it. Oglethorpe doesn’t follow it because they were founded before this was the rule.

Kurt Heidigger is the charter school contact for SCCPSS.

Carolyn Jurick asked if Christy Edwards and Brenda Marion would consider staying on the governing board. Christy Edwards agreed but Brenda Marion demurred. RE: electing officers, the law says that executive committee members who signed the corporation papers need to stay on (Perb Fortner, Kay Fortner, and Carolyn Jurick). How/when can we change these people/positions? Carolyn Jurick has posed this question to Ashley Odom for research/response.

Motions for next year’s governing board (one-year term): Kay Fortner made a motion for Carolyn Jurick to remain as President, Christy Edwards seconded; Christy Edwards made a motion for Kay Fortner to remain as Treasurer, Sara Mitchell seconded; Brenda Marion made a motion that Duff Smith be the Secretary, Sara Mitchell seconded; all were in favor of board recommendations.

We have no July governing board meeting, so new board members will start with the August meeting.

Tammy Smith faculty liaison report: State testing for 3rd, 4th, 5th grades. The math books that the board approved really helped (per student input); same with Study Island. Only 1 student opted out of testing. TIMA safety plan will be added to new charter as an attachment.

Public Comment –Please limit to 3 minutes

Julia Pearce thanked TIMA for its support and collection of eyeglasses for Tybee’s mission trip to its sister city. Carolyn Jurick explained that we added a weighted lottery and thanked Julia Pearce for her help with diversity.

Open Agenda

5/17 TIMA Maritime Day

Jason Ball noted that the Propeller Club will be celebrating Maritime Day with event on the Georgia Queen from 7-9 pm and offered to comp one TIMA teacher as his company’s guest.

Christy Edwards agreed to revise the fundraising letter to parents.

Pat Rossiter reported to the SCCPSS board (thanks to Sara Mitchell, Kay & Perb Fortner, Pat Rossiter, and Carolyn Jurick for attending): $24k+ raised for Jump Rope for Heart; PE MOU frees up TIMA gym so art/music classes can use the gym and we can free up art/music room as classroom/teaching space. Reported on transportation and tidal flooding along with increase in RTI/SPED #s.

We have a great new outdoor space thanks to campus clean-up day.

Carolyn Jurick asked if CREW can set aside discretionary fund for things like St. Patrick’s Day parade banner, sandwiches for TIPD, etc. Sara Mitchell will serve as the new liaison between governing board and CREW and will ask them. Might be a good time to re-visit becoming an official PTO group. 

Christy Edwards moved to adjourn meeting, Brenda Marion seconded, all were in favor.


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