Governing Board Minutes 5-19-16

Governing Board


May 9, 2016

Welcome: Carolyn

Carolyn called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Members present: Kay Fortner, Kelly Yambor, Carolyn Jurick, Perb Fortner, Tammy Smith, Christy Edwards, Christen Clougherty, Andy Wright, Jason Ball, Patrick Rossiter, Brenda Marion (Shawn Flynn absent; he resigned his board position as they are moving back to Texas for his job).

Kay went over the Treasurer’s report, noting that we closed the South State Bank account due to them charging a monthly maintenance fee of $9.95 regardless of account use or activity. We received the 3rd installment of funding from SCCPSS for $133,282 and the 4th installment should be the same amount. Kay expects that they will owe us additional funds but we won’t see them until October.

Brenda moved to accept Kay’s report; Carolyn seconded. All in favor.

Christen moved to approve the meeting minutes from April governing board meeting; Andy seconded; all were in favor.

  1. Consent agenda items:


  1. Committee Composition and Structure—Christy’s 3rd draft is accurate. Coastal Montessori is also following a similar format, posting all meetings, etc. Andy will revise by-laws with this info as his “last act” on board and we’ll make all of this information active/relevant to new board members. Perb shared a template for committee meeting notes. Any comments on committees and by-laws updates should be directed to Christy by 5/20 for edits/revisions that Andy will make and we’ll discuss as a board at the June meeting.
  2. Training requirement – able to get online –Christen

Carolyn tested the site but could only access personnel training. Even if you are rolling off of the board, you still need training by 7/31 deadline so we are compliant for our charter renewal as the charter school association tracks that type of data.

  1. Charter/ Board of Education meeting—Pat, Carolyn, Perb, Kay

Superintendent Lockamy and the chief academic officer were both in attendance at the meeting and asked very pointed questions of Oglethorpe, Coastal Montessori, and Classical Academy charter schools, but nothing for TIMA. Pat reported on our numbers as well as the success of youth council.

  1. Update from Tammy—staff, staff development, etc.

New compost bin: K/1st grade classes are saving lunch scraps. RE: rain barrels, looking into gutters to increase downspout collection, can we attach them to corner of portable unit? 4th/5th grades working with 4H Center on oyster bagging project/living shoreline/G.E.O.R.G.I.A. initiative and going again later this week to help finish up. Music/Art show is Wednesday, 5/11(Lynn Marston memorial instruments will be dedicated); 5/17 is 5th grade trip to Charleston; 5/18 is maritime day; 5/20 is last day of school.

  1. Allotment for 2016-17
  2. Tour of Homes. Much help needed –Split the pot tickets (20 for each member)

GMAs and STAR testing all complete. We have 2 teacher vacancies for next year, 1 in K and 1 in 3rd grade. We are making tech upgrades throughout the buildings. Allotment for next year: totally FTE funding. FTE funds programs, not kids but the governor is looking at trying to change the way schools are funded next year. Categorical grants were discussed (can be used for food, nurse, transportation, and counselor).

This Saturday.

  1. Board Members –next year…

Process and vacancies

We have applications for Duffield Smith, Sara Mitchell, Heather Harvey, and Brenda Marion

  1. Fundraising letter Shawn/
    Christy: Letter will go out this week, but Christy would like to re-write for next year
  1. Crew update –Brenda
  2. Additional classroom space, alarm system and trash—Perb/Carolyn
  3. Public Comment

MRS dinner was a success, as was the 1st annual TIMA Clean-Up Day. Crew slate for next year has been decided and will be announced at a brief meeting prior to the 5/11 musical performances and art event. TIFD shirts are being sold for $20, with $10 from each shirt sold coming back to TIMA. Youth sizes as well as XXL available and order forms are in the office with Jennifer.

Looking into adding another mobile classroom next to the gym (there isn’t a 25’ miminum space behind the annex plus it would be too closed off back there). We need to arrange for a trash dumpster instead of the numerous cans we have. Engineers are drawing up plans for mobile space and Jason offered to meet with Perb on prep. No update from last month on alarm system.


  1. Executive Session

None needed

  1. Open Agenda

Jason volunteered 2 tickets for the Propeller Club Maritime Day event on 5/19 for any teachers interested.


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