Governing Board Minutes 4-11-16

Governing Board


April 11, 2016

Welcome: Carolyn

Board Members Present: Patrick Rossiter; Christen Clougherty; Kay Fortner; Christy Edwards; Carolyn Jurick; Shawn Flynn; Brenda Marion; Andy Wright

  1. Consent agenda items:


  1. Committee Composition and Structure—Christy: Governance should encompass training; conflict of interest, accountability requirements, and by-law management; add annual tax return under Finance; add nomination function to exec/hr committee or outreach (probablt better for the latter since exec committee already shoulders most of the work); went over board nominations and openings—will present slate this week
  2. Training requirement –we need to meet by law—Christen: June 30 deadline; Christy said she signed up online but hasn’t heard anything; everyone should attempt to login so we cover due diligence on our part.
  1. Codification of Policies & Budget Process This has been forwarded. Discussion?? Put on hold for now; Elisa sent something to Carolyn and Kay needs to review it b/c we didn’t have a quorum at last meeting. We do have a financial procedure(s) manual.
  1. Presentation at Board of Education—Pat: we are funded on FTE; Pat basically presented an annual report to BOE; they drilled all of the other schools who made presentations, but didn’t have a single question for Pat/TIMA. April 29 is their next meeting.
  1. Allotment for 2016-17: $2,344,285 less 3% admin fee ($70,329)—we want this to cover technology, too. Net is $2,273,956 or per pupil of $1,864,980 +$200k from previous funding levels Christen noted that for $130/student, the charter schools incubator will handle payroll, but we will continue to have SCCPSS administer. Custodial health benefits need to be included in next year’s budget. If we have a surplus (anticipated $700k), we can hire a kindergarten parapro or extra teacher; we should know by June 30. Other suggestions were hiring a CFO , bookkeeper to help Jennifer, a professional development fund, nurse, social worker, or an endowment. Carolyn made a motion to hire a bookkeeper starting 7/1, with 10 additional days in summer. Christen seconded; all in favor. Shawn suggested using some of the funds to assist with diversity issues like transportation (maybe allocate taxi funds when needed). Shawn made a motion that $5k be set aside for diversity/outreach efforts and all were in favor.
  2. Tour of Homes. Much help needed –not just day of the tour. Brenda—Per Pat, Junior League has a meeting 2 days prior to the tour, so he will send them a poster and press release to help spread the word to their members. Raina Bass re-designed the 50/50 ticket and name tags.
  3. Board Members –new for next year—Who that is rolling off wishes to return? I have had two parents request forms. Christy said she had a possible member for Community. This is so important. ??? Brenda asked Heather Harvey (parent) who said she would submit her application.
  1. Fundraising letter Shawn/
    Christy: needs to go out ASAP; mail and include SASE—one will go to all parents with a personalized version for any donors last year. Andy moved to approve; Kay seconded; all in favor.
  2. Planning for additional classroom space—Perb/Carolyn: With charter renewal comes new lease with diocese; we would like to add 2 classrooms for 2017-2018 year.
  1. Alarm system: low battery warning/sensor issues = probably need to be replaced + $$$
  1. Executive Session: Carolyn moved to exit into Executive Session; Christen seconded; all in favor.
  2. Open Agenda: Book Fair results; April 30 Clean-Up Day and MRS Chicken Dinner


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