Governing Board Minutes 3-28-16

Tybee Island Maritime Academy

Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, March 28th 2016


Voting Members Present: Christen Clougherty, Kelly Yambor, Tammy Smith, Andrew Wright,

Christy Edwards  

Non-Voting Members Present: Patrick Rossiter

Christen call the meeting to order

A quorum was not present, so all matters involving a vote, including approving the minutes of the previous meeting were tabled

Discussed the need to develop descriptions of new committees of the board. Committees will include: Academic Success, Community Outreach, Finance, Facilities and Safety, and Executive and Human Resources. The bylaws will be changed to reflect this. Christy will be preparing committee descriptions for the next meeting.

Training Requirements – Christen reminded the board members that we still need to reach our required hours of training. A link was distributed via email to all members. Existing members must reach 9 hours and new members 15 hours by no later than July 1st. If members attended the training in January, they earned 6 hours for both sessions or 3 for just the evening session.

MOA with SCCPSSS for contract services- Pat has discussed the need to solidify an MOA covering all contracted services with SCCPSS. He will identify what services we need (examples included Speech Therapy, Social Worker, Nurse) and then we can continue to discuss with SCCPSS the costs associated and decide if it makes sense to contract with them to provide these to us. These changes are a necessity of the QEB Funding model from SCCPSS.

Patrick reported that the GMAS testing is upcoming and discussed following the state requirements for grade level promotion based on those scores. He feels that students are well prepared for GMAS and that the school has been providing targeted interventions and expects to see growth. Pat also reported that there will be one teacher leaving the school at the end of this year and he will provide more information about the position opening at a later date.

Tour of Homes- Christen shared Carolyn’s report on progress. Posters are ready to go to press, map is ready, homes have been identified. Board members were asked to let Carolyn know which sponsors they have already spoken to. Volunteers are needed. Interested volunteers should contact Brenda Marion.

Board Member Recruitment- Christen reminded members the term limits for parents are two years, community members one year. Christen and Kelly indicated that they will be rolling off the board this year. Andrew also indicated that he will be rolling off the board at the end of this year due to scheduling conflicts with his work responsibilities. He offered to assist us in finding a replacement that would be able to advise the board on legal matters. Members discussed the need to recruit members with strengths in particular areas that would be useful to continuing the school’s mission.

Meeting was adjourned


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