Governing Board Minutes 2-8-16

Governing Board


February 8, 2016

6:30 pm- Lottery

7:00 pm Meeting

Welcome (Elizabeth dinner)–Carolyn

Carolyn called the meeting to order at 6:55 pm. In attendance were: Kelly Yambor; Pat Rossiter; Christen Clougherty; Kay Fortner; Christy Edwards; Carolyn Jurick; Perb Fortner; Shawn Flynn; Tammy Smith, Brenda Marion. Absent: Jason Ball; Andrew Wright; Kim Webster

December meeting minutes were approved (Christy made a motion to approve, Shawn seconded it, all were in favor)

Pat’s report: current enrollment is 245 students. Ms Ingram is now working FT, serving 60 students with reading and/or math. Our threshold is 40% nationally as measured by STAR. Our pupil/teacher ratio is so low that those students can be served in other ways but we’re counting Noel’s interactions.

Shawn/Pat to build a dashboard or some way to capture metrics and tell our story of how we differentiate TIMA/the impact TIMA has on student body, etc. Per Pat, this is a great idea, especially as we move into charter renewal to have access to that info, including peer schools. From when we started vs. today, our peer schools have changed. This would also facilitate writing the end of year report.

Wednesday, March 2, is bike or walk to school day. TIPD will do some bike helmet instruction at school and students will meet at Memorial Park to be escorted by TIPD and TIMA staff/teachers/families.

We have a commitment to the Optimist Club to raffle bikes (beach cruisers). We need to order them so we have in time for home tour/recognition on tickets, etc. We have a plaque to hang in recognition for Optimist donation.

Savannah/Chatham County day in ATL was a great experience. (Mayor) Jason & Pat pushed hard with legislators separately about the # of hours for board training.

Radios were used today for the first time! Pat has one, Jennifer is the base. Marie Burke and Jill Lipo have them in the annex building. There are two on reserve for anyone leaving campus.

Treasurer’s Report:

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for January 2016.  The reconciled bank balances are South State Bank (Savannah Bank) $ 7,699.50, BB&T $ 339,850.86 and PayPal $ 1,497.76 for a total of $ 349,048.12 for the month ending Jan 31, 2016.

January 2016


$ 7,420.00 Donations Critz $ 7,000, Lynn Marston Memorial $ 370 , Other Donation $ 50 (grandparent donation)

$ 1,142.50 Fundraiser Live Oak Restaurant

$ 8,292.36 Fundraiser Elizabeth on 37th ($ 13,322.36 as of 2-5-16 compared to $ 11,227.00 LY)

$ 41.01Five Guys


$ 136,614.00 Salaries and Benefits

$ 874.35 Supplies, Classroom

$ 718.50 Field Trip Income

$ 5,167.00 Rent

$ 2,595.00 Rent Modular Classrooms

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 529.08 Janitorial Supplies

$ 1,639.16 Utilities

$ 317.71 Telephone

$ 413.13 Equipment Rental (Copier) This is different every month b/c of per copy cost

$ 974.70 Building Maintenance (rain barrel installations)

$ 185.25 Office Supplies, Bank Charge

$ 793.00 Insurance

$ 1,799.99 Meetings, Conferences , Training ($1,600.00 Governing Board)

Shawn will update last year’s direct donation letter to show what we’ve used funds raised for and what we need/want moving forward.

Kay will include PYTD with YTD report and also budget vs actual moving forward.

Total funds raised this year over last year are up almost $5k in donations (e.g., Lyn Marston memorial donations)

Brenda moved to approve Kay’s report; Carolyn seconded; all were in favor.

Discussions from training:

  1. Consent agenda items: e.g., financial report. Board preference is to continue going over as is but maintain flexibility to add consent items as/when needed. Committee reports/agenda creation to remain under Carolyn’s purview.
  1. Committee Composition and Structure: Academic Success Committee; Development/PR/Marketing (Community Outreach); Finance; Personnel/HR; Facilities/Safety; Strategic Planning/Board Development (keep board nomination practice as is for remainder of existing charter, update for new charter application)
  1. Codification of Policies & Budget Process (our trainer agreed to forward TOC of their stock, for sale, policies for our consideration)
  1. Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with central District admin about experts (e.g., IT support, counseling services) under QBE. This does not need to be done tonight, but areas to include are speech and psychological. This falls under Finance Committee.
  1. Teacher Board Voting Power: law only specifies principal/CFO can’t vote, not anything about teachers. Other SAV charter schools all allow teachers to vote. Teacher board member to recuse themselves when applicable to vote. Carolyn asked for a show of hands for all those who thought teacher(s) should have voting power and yes vote was unanimous.
  1. Open Records Compliance (this needs to be workable, committee schedules, also our trainer agreed to send us a draft affidavit). Committee meetings/notes have not previously been included, but moving forward can be included on consent agenda.
  1. Review the State Conflict of Interest Policy (referenced by our trainer). All were in favor of update to by-laws language.
  1. Procedure for Disinterested Board Member Quorum on Conflict of Interests Issues. We need to change the bylaws to “majority of members present and eligible = quorum to vote.”
  2. Siblings in lottery. Any twins were accepted together this year but we can’t accommodate siblings in that count (no family drawing). All were in favor to keep this practice as is (need to specify this in the charter renewal).
  3. Facebook page(s) with TIMA name. TIMA is liable for anything on these pages. Can we take off certain posting abilities? Carolyn moved that any/all FB TIMA pages (even teacher pages) be administered by TIMA. Jennifer can have approval rights for posts with Rory having admin access. Any teacher opting to have a FB page needs to understand the parameters and request approval from Pat for page in writing. We need to create a social media policy. Andy will provide some standard verbiage and Shawn will create a best practices one sheet with settings/admin parameters. Pat will share final version with faculty. Christen moved to approve, Shawn seconded, all were in favor.
  4. School Bell Times 9:15 am to 4 pm (subject to change based on new bussing transportation plans)
  5. Conflict of interest. Christen will serve out her term until June. All were in favor of this.
  6. Public Comment
  7. Executive Session: not needed; all were in favor to adjourn meeting.


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