Governing Board Minutes 10-12-15

Governing Board


October 12, 2015



Governing Board Members Present: Andy, Christy, Christen, Jason, Kelly, Pat, Brenda, Carolyn, Kay, Shawn

Governing Board Members Absent: Tammy, Perb, Kim


Christen moved to approve minutes; Andy seconded; all in favor

Treasurer’s Report-Kay

(August and September)

We will (finally) be charged for the ramps for the modular classes.  They had originally quoted a monthly expense of $500 per ramp  ($1,000 for both).  The new bill came in at $1,470 starting with September 2014.  Perb is negotiating with Mobile Modular.  There were lots of big expenses in September (new computers, COWs, Ricoh copier destroyed by lightening).  We will owe SCCPSS $153,229.  We were aware of their overpayment last year of $99,255.and an Accounts Payable of overspending the Implementation grant of $31,267.  SCCPSS is also charging us $26,549 for the Planning Grant from a journal entry from their audit last year.  We were not aware of this amount.  This amount is in dispute.  They did move $5,000 to the Implementation Grant making that amount $26,267.  The difference is substitute teachers charged late. 

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for October 2015.  The reconciled bank balances are South State Bank (Savannah Bank) $7,699.65, BB&T $386,666.49 and PayPal $711.35 for a total of $395,077.49   for the month ending October 31, 2015.

October 2015


$ 133,282.00 Per Pupil 1st quarter SCCPSS

$ 1,027.00 Donations ($ 400.00 Foundation of the Carolinas, $627.00 Savannah Beverage J Diehl 3% of Sav Bloody Mary)

$ 303.37 Five Guys

$,4,009.40 Spelling Bee   (Total $ 7,609.40, 2014 $7,074.00)

$ 148.85 Other Fundraiser Income


$ 141,577.00 Salaries and Benefits

$ 1,436.64 Books, Subscriptions Classroom (Includes $ 1,708.24 American Legacy Publishing SSW and $ 333.50 credit 5th grade)

$ 548.39 Supplies Classroom

$ 1,300.94 Edmentum Additional Reading Eggs

$ 739.05   Field Trip ( $ 752.00 YMCA Field Trip less $ 1,491.05 Income)

$ 2,730.50 Classroom Furniture (50 18in Blue Plastic Chairs and 25 Open Front Desks)

$ 5,167.00 Rent

$ 2,605.00 Rent Modular Classrooms

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 536.55 Janitorial and Building Supplies

$ 2,521.35 Utilities

$ 468.70 Equipment Rental (Copier)

$ 337.71 Office Supplies, Dues, Credit Card Fees

$ 1,505.00 Maintenance (40 cubic yds playground surfacing)

$ 793.00 Insurance

$ 300.00 Security (Annual Monitoring Fee)

Brenda moved to approve Treasurer’s Report; Carolyn seconded; all in favor

Report from Staff—Tammy Smith

Projects by grade level: 4th/5th Sea Turtles; K Farms; 1st Pirates; 3rd Habitats of GA; 2nd (Mercer) Ocean Mammals; 2nd (Klaras) Adopt-A-Stream; Ingram/Gifted Bees; Rimes/Music Reindeer Musical Production

We have a need for student rain ponchos and to promote teacher wish lists (Shawn volunteered to coordinate).

Report from Crew—Brenda Marion: Spelling Bee raised over $7k; Lighthouse Pizza Dough Raiser scheduled for 10/28/15; Tybee Social/Bo Bien Hut working on a Haunted Trail with proceeds to benefit TIMA; Anna Lee is working with students on ornaments for Tybee tree decorating on 11/28.

Public Comments

Brenda will email the Dough Raiser flyer to Carolyn for weekly email blast.

Shawn made a motion to donate the funds raised at Tybee Idol back to Huc-A-Poos employee Chris whose wife died. All were in favor. Kay noted to charge against fundraising/donations code 47329. (Update, the family gratefully declined the donation as the deceased had a life insurance policy).

By Laws: Discussion and vote

p. 3, Section 5: Nomination and Election-ok

p. 4, Article 4, Section 1-ok (teacher slot is not mutually exclusive of also being a TIMA parent)

p. 6, Section 6-change could/will to just could

p. 7, Section 2, 1B: add “as required per GA law” to end of first sentence.

Kelly moved to approve will all discussed changes; Andy seconded; all in favor

Governing Board Training-Christen

3 hour whole board team training is $1000 through the GA Charter Schools Association

$50 individual training for additional training above and beyond whole team (or $20 individual      training if you take the whole board training). Plus additional 3 hour training on             budgeting/finance. Webinars are available, too. New board members are required to do 15             hours of training and board members with 1-2 years’ experience have a minimum requirement of 9 hours training. We’ll start with scheduling the training in-house, tentatively planning on January 11, 2016 in lieu of regular board meeting. All training must be provided by approved       trainers in order for it to meet requirements.

Use of Facility-Shawn

Shanna and Ella Hughes were exploring having Girl Scout troop meetings 2x/month for TIMA   students (Daisies and Brownies).

“Curriculum Continuity”---Christy

Per Carolyn, the “what” is laid out by the state, the “how” is implemented by the teachers.

Christy just wanted to be sure was aren’t overemphasizing anything and underserving another          area. Whole faculty study groups help lay this out.

Principal’s report—Pat

257 students enrolled; FTE physical count tomorrow; STAR pre-testing was done in August;             next testing will be week of 11/2; ITBS scores in milestones due back the last week of Oct.             We’ll base the annual report on what data we have. Shared the Charter School Bus Tour flyer    for 4 area charters. 2 walk-throughs for each teacher have already been completed; teacher             goal setting for board review. SLO (specific learning objectives)—computer can’t accept raw             scores, need in rubric form, Pat is double-checking with the state to be sure.

RE: mulch, DPW doesn’t have equipment that will work to move it, does anyone have access            to a Bobcat front loader? Jason thinks he can get it covered.

Annual Report--Pat and Carolyn

Still don’t have test scores report (due 11/1/15); Christy said she could help; # of absences             could hurt us.

ITBS—Results of this year and comparison report for three years.

Facility update--Perb

Tour of Homes (Discussion and set up of committees)—

Homes Selection: per Brenda, 1700 Inlet Avenue confirmed; will schedule a walk-through the week of 11/9 when they are in town (it will become a Mermaid Cottage in January but they have already blocked off dates for home tour and plan to be in town).

Signage, Banners, permits

Media (social and website –Devivo is paid for website through February, 2016)

Tickets and posters





Open Agenda:

School pictures will occur before Christmas

RE: Shawn brought up the Watchdogs program and the board said they were in favor of something similar if there is enough interest from parents in supporting it. Shawn will include a call for volunteers in one of Jennifer’s email blasts to see if there is a critical mass. If so, CREW will work to fund it.


Appreciation Dinner for Firemen 7:00pm-9:00pm October 21

Carolyn moved that we adjourn and head into executive session. Christen seconded and all were in favor.


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