Governing Board Minutes 6-8-15

Governing Board


June 8, 2015



In attendance: Kay Fortner; Perb Fortner; Kim Webster; Tammy Smith; Carolyn Jurick; Pat Rossiter; Brenda Marion; Kelly Yambor


Kim moved to approve May minutes, Tammy seconded the motion; all were in favor.

Treasurer’s Report-Kay

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for May 2015.  The reconciled bank balances are South State Bank (Savannah Bank) $7,358.74 and BB&T $247,178.46 for a total of $254,537.20 for the month ending May 31, 2015.


$ 6,201.90 Donations ($6,000 TIMA Crew)

$ 1,250.00 Board Letter Donations   (8 donations $50 to $500 in May)

$ 367.00 Art Fundraiser

$ 185.21 Five Guys

$ 7,997.78 Tour of Homes


$ 105,716.00 Salaries , Benefits, and Taxes

$ 18,003.00   Special ED Salaries and Benefits and Taxes provided by SCCPSS

$ 932.36 Field Trip Expense

$192.95 Supplies Art

$ 250.00 Staff Development (Registration Carol Nathan)

$ 148.00 Software (Adobe)

$ 461.02 Supplies Janitorial   (can liners, paper towels, hand soap, toilet paper)

$ 4,000.00 Rent

$ 1,605.00 Rent Modular Classrooms

$ 751.00 Insurance

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 360.00 Security     (Annual Fire Alarm Monitoring)

$ 2,117.47 Utilities

$ 355.26 Telephone

$ 362.49 Copier rental  

We received $126,218 from SCCPSS and requested a meeting to discuss but never got a response so we’ll deposit it and make a note as per May minutes. This is b/c if it’s not out of SCCPSS’ books by June 30, we don’t get it. The workaround is to create a journal entry of balance due back to SCCPSS. October is when we usually reconcile. We’ll send an email once we receive the funds noting the discrepancy/request to reconcile difference so we have a record.

This year’s Tour of Homes will net about $8k. Next year, the event will be totally run by TIMA (will confirm this at 5/19 committee meeting), so projected revenue increases to $13-15k as we will not have to split the proceeds with other non-profits.

CREW donated $6k to TIMA.

We have a plan in place for a fundraiser next year re: Optimist Club donation.

The finance committee met and ordered computers so every student has one for next year; working on 2016 budget.

Moving forward, Brenda will send treasurer’s report to Jennifer in addition to approved minutes.

Kay has received preliminary per pupil funding from SCCPSS. Finance committee has an excel spreadsheet of budget.

Christen moved to approve treasurer’s report, Kim seconded; all were in favor.

Items to be covered

  • By Laws: Andy will head a committee to review and make any revisions.
  • Jason Ball wishes to join as community member (vote). Brenda made a motion to accept Jason; Kay seconded; all in favor.
  • Discuss and Vote on Dress Down Days: Christen asked if vote could be delayed until the next meeting as she is out of town and feels that dress down days discriminate against lower income families; however, since we will not meet in July and the calendar needs to be finalized, a vote was taken at this meeting. Kim made a motion to continue allowing spirit wear dress down days as well as dress down charitable donation days; Kelly seconded it and all were in favor of continuing dress down days and spirit wear days.

Read through and vote on any changes, etc. to by laws. (1 hour)

  • Transportation issue from SCCPSS

(Change of door to door service to shuttle); the SCCPSS board meeting is Wednesday, 6/10, and Pat and Carolyn will attend.

  • Tour of Homes (Discussion and set up of committees)—Save for later meeting or set up governing board committee

We will have committees to head up all aspects of tour next year:

Homes Selection

Signage, Banners, permits: Tammy

Media (social and website –Devivo is paid for website through February, 2016): CREW

Tickets and posters: Brenda

Photographer: CREW

Decorations: Anna Lee

Lunch: Tammy/Perb/Pat

Publicity: CREW/Kim

Jennifer/Kay: ticket sales (also Rhonda Jones, CREW treasurer can help); Saints and Shamrocks downtown was suggested as venue to sell tickets

Anna Lee is the home procurement committee chair

CREW will do split the pot and raffle items

Jennifer (not Kay) will write thank you notes

Inventory: Jennifer has almost completed the inventory of laptops. Parent volunteers are coming tomorrow to count chairs and tables. A classroom inventory sheet was shared with Tammy for teacher input/approval/feedback.

Committee Updates:

  • Safety-fence boards are falling off; Mike will come by to fix. 5th grade pavers are in and they look great.
  • Assessment-survey: all faculty/staff have completed the survey and parent survey went out today.
  • Facility-Tammy’s a/c is out but they have a field trip tomorrow to Fort Jackson/Coast Guard station, so it should be fixed when students return to class.
    • Finished GMASS/milestones testing as well as finishing up STAR testing for the year. Next year, we’ll start STAR testing earlier in the year so the 4th tests align better. RE: STAR early literacy, K/1st grades, 70% are above the 50th percentile. For 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade STAR Reading, 78% are above 50th percentile; For grades 1 – 5 STAR Math, 79% are above 50th percentile. RE: Math scores, we’ve been pushing the students and it’s starting to pay dividends; e.g., 3rd grade vs 4th grade multiplication tables contest (3rd grade won).
    • We had a church meeting regarding the calendar and Carolyn also asked about re-negotiating our lease. If they don’t agree to do so, our annual rent will increase from $41k to $62k.
    • Enrollment is holding steady at 215
    • SCCPSS calendar is posted
    • We are fully staffed for next year
    • Met with the Bee Cause people; there is a major school benefactor wanting to fund the program at TIMA and there is a waiting list of a couple hundred schools to implement the program, but we’re #1 on the list. It would be located outside of the art room.
    • 9 days left of school—lots of field trips wrapping up: 5th graders had a luncheon at Lighthouse Pizza, K/1st will be attending SAV Music Fest and Carolyn/Anne West will be joining them as Anne was instrumental in arranging the trip.
    • Christine asked about testing attendance and Pat responded that it was 99.9%.
    • Next year, absenteeism needs to be addressed again.
    • Teachers have individual alarm codes but badges don’t work after hours; some teachers have keys, so we need to be sure that ALL teachers have keys.

Pat’s report:

New Business:

Funding: All TIMA teachers are gifted-certified. We have 60 students in the gifted program, so we should be earning gifted funding but we are not currently receiving it. FTE SPED we don’t get in funding money but in staffing.

TNE: Training and Experience—state reimburses any system for these. A beginning teacher with no experience would make $35k salary whereas a teacher with 8 years of experience and a Master’s Degree would be paid $47.5k salary. Based on 1998 Oglethorpe Charter School basess.

basis. We receive no funding for EIP (early intervention prevention)

There was one parent in attendance with a question about multi-age classes. 4th/5th will be the only combined class for 2015-2016 school year.

Next year’s CREW meetings will be curriculum focused to increase parent attendance and participation.

Kim moved to adjourn the meeting. Andy seconded. All were in favor.


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