Governing Board Minutes 4-13-15

Governing Board


April 13, 2015

In attendance: Carolyn, Kay, Perb, Tammy, Shawn, Brenda, Andy, Pat, Christen



  • Kay made a motion to accept the minutes; Shawn seconded; all in favor
  • Brenda made a motion to approve Treasurer’s report; Andy seconded; all in favor
  • 215 students
  • 4/21 Milestone testing: test materials have been delivered
  • Teacher evaluations have begun
  • Optimist Club is donating $4000 to TIMA in honor of Bill Brown. Suggestion that maybe next year we could raffle off a couple of tricked out beach cruisers (in conjunction with Spelling Bee or Tour of Homes) since he was known for re-furbishing bikes for the OC.
  • Reviewed 2014 College and Career Ready Performance Index results; because we had no 5th grade last year, many of the averages were impacted, but that should help us with this year’s results. Our overall score was 81.1, whereas Classical Elementary was at 39.8 and even Oglethorpe was at 81.4.
  • Inventory—training for Jennifer, Kay, & Perb, but the actual inventory will be time-consuming. We will create a very specific inventory sheet for each teacher to complete. Process is easy—tag items first, then they can be scanned with an i-phone 5 or 6.
  • Parent Fundraiser—We have raised $1900 to date; we need to include a thank you for those who have participated so far and a reminder to get checks in for those who haven’t in the next email that Jennifer sends out from the school. There is a thermometer outside of Jennifer’s office—can we get something added to the sign on Butler?
  • Watchdog—Shawn—PTVA: Positive reaction so far; CREW will meet in May and announce/vote on slate, so will work with new board on implementing for 2015-16 school year
  • Meeting with executive committee at Church—Perb, Pat, Carolyn (update): parish council voted to keep our lease as is (i.e., no reduction of rent), so payment will increase to $5,167/month or $14k more for the year. Sounds like church will pay for window replacements; Carolyn walked through the school with window guy over spring break. We need to continue documenting any facility issues under Perb so we have proof/leverage when lease re-negotiations occur. All ceiling fans will be turned off.
  • Committees (Dates of meetings, goals, etc.)

Treasurer’s Report-Kay

The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for March 2015.  The reconciled bank balances are South State Bank (Savannah Bank) $6,533.11 and BB&T $133,530.56 for a total of $140,063.67 for the month ending March, 2015.

March 2015


$ 975.00 Donations includes $500 Optimist Club

$ 900.00 Board Letter Donations


$ 112,590.00 Salaries , Benefits, and Taxes

$ 17,975.00 Special ED Salaries and Benefits and Taxes provided by SCCPSS

$ 660.83 Field Trip Expense

$371.00 Supplies Classroom

$ 708.89 Supplies Building

$ 670.00 Maintenance Piano Repair

                            $ 4,000.00 Rent



These are regular monthly expenses


$ 1,605.00 Rent Modular Classrooms

$ 752.00 Insurance

$ 2,990.00 Custodial Services

$ 3,269.59 Utilities

$ 329.72 Telephone

$ 297.00 Copier rental

$ 1,458.01 Travel and Meetings—this is for Pat, Perb, and Kay’s travel to ATL for Chatham County Day

Principal’s Report--Patrick Rossiter

Old Business

  1. Safety-Tammy: could we extend fence on Lovell behind school building? Probably not; the meter is there so it needs to be accessible
  2. Assessment-Christen: Need clarification on consistency of questions so data from year-to-year is compatible. Working on survey for parents and one for teachers; state is requiring parent & teacher surveys this year; our contract overrides the charter, but since there is no real overhead cost to do an extra survey, the board agreed that we should do it. Will be same as last year’s surveys and Christen will send to the board as well.
  3. Facility-Perb: water spigot between Claire and Julie’s classrooms isn’t working (they use it to water the garden); Perb will call Mike; need to double check that it wasn’t a pressure issue and re-route from hose from a different spigot.
  4. Finance-Kay  
  5. Communication/ Crew update—Brenda: Elections in May—we will present a slate for approval at May 5 meeting. Good group of new and current volunteers! MRS chicken dinner will be 4/18, despite it also being Orange Crush. Shawn spoke with Holly and Jamie Kieran, the parents of a TIMA kindergartner, about possibly sponsoring a fish fry fundraiser.
  6. Development-Jack
  • Garden/Art show—Tammy: Anna is working on decorations and we will have the gardens open for walk-throughs
  • Conflict of interest and Governing Board elections
  • Governing Board election—we will do conflict of interest at election time. Presentation of candidates through forms received; We still don’t have Jack Baizley’s application for governing board, Pat will double check that he is interested in continuing to serve
    • Fire/Burglar alarm—5 calls during Easter Sunday to Perb/Carolyn; Perb even met the TIPD at the school for one of them. Thursday this week the phone company and security system people will be here simultaneously to verify the root cause, since they currently each blame the other. We need a different code for teachers entering early/leaving late so not everyone is using Carolyn’s code.
    • Taking care of building when Pat not accessible. (Phone numbers, alarm codes, procedures, etc.). Maybe we can pay the custodian to allow access for church meetings that Carolyn is tired of having to oversee
    • New law that effects Governing Board plus overview of new training requirements that go into effect on 7/1/15. Carolyn will forward the actual docs sent from Elise Falco at GCSA as dropbox link.
    • Tybee Tour of Homes –help needed, especially men in the cafeteria between 11 am and 2 pm.
    • Brenda suggested that we move the meeting start time from 7 pm to 6:30 as these meetings tend to run so long. All were in favor to start at 6:30 beginning with May meeting.

New Business

Open Agenda

  • Public comments
  • Personnel

Executive Session

Pat’s evaluation

Announcements/Upcoming Events

  • Tybee Tour of Homes—May 2

Christen made a motion to adjourn and go into executive session; Tammy seconded; all in favor.


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