Governing Board Minutes 2-10-14

Welcome—Carolyn welcomed everyone and started the meeting at 7 pm. Board members present: Tammy Smith, Pat Rossiter, Carolyn Jurick, Christen Clougherty, Kay Fortner, Perb Fortner, Brenda Marion, Jack Baizley


Kay moved to accept the minutes from previous meeting; Carolyn seconded. All were in favor.

Treasurer’s Report-Kay

Bank accounts have been reconciled and Kay is happy with the meeting date being earlier in the month for reconciling purposes. Full treasurer’s report is attached. Brenda moved to accept Treasurer’s Report and Carolyn seconded. All were in favor.

Old Business

  • Grants update—we did not get the Walden grant. Christen noted that, in her experience, they usually do not proffer the grant to first time applicants, so we’ll need to re-apply.
  • Facility Facilities sub-committee has a meeting with city/county on Wednesday, February 12, regarding mobile classroom units. Perb is double checking the lease as the church thinks they have access to the building all summer long for VBS and other activities, but the board does not think that is the case per our lease. Christen asked about offering summer camps at TIMA; we wouldn’t want classrooms or equipment being used, but it could be possible if TIMA teachers were the ones teaching the camps, e.g., in conjunction with GA Tech camps. Mobile classrooms will be leased rather than purchased, for numerous reasons, especially the fact we only have a 5-year charter.
  • Website –paypal. Christen worked with Jillison so this is now functioning correctly on TIMA website on two different pages. When a donation is made, an email is sent to Carolyn, who will then forward it to Sierra (CREW Treasurer), as most donations will likely be for CREW direct donation campaign. Sierra will work with Kay on reconciling all donations. Kay noted that for cc payments, we have a very favorable rate of 2.89% for AmEx and .5% for Visa/MC.
  • Fundraisers-Elizabeth, Sons of American Legion, Five Guys. Tonight is 5 Guys burger night—when Pat was there it was packed, so looks to be another successful event. The Elizabeth’s event was fabulous and raised almost $8000. One regular Elizabeth’s customer who did not know about the event since the chef didn’t promote it at the restaurant, sent a $500 donation check! Since CREW is working on thank you items (TIMA window clings, coffee cups, and baseball hats), it was decided that in cases where the board wanted to send a donor something more than just a thank you note, CREW would share their TIMA swag. Carolyn will be responsible for sending the thank you notes in these instances and notifying Brenda of how many donors and what items she would like for them so we are not duplicating our efforts.

Spelling Bee on March 6.

          New Business

  • Enrollment, Admissions, Recommitment and Lottery—we have had 102 students apply for open enrollment. Break out is as follows:

Based on board discussion of the above numbers and an anticipated high number of current students renewing, it was decided we should break out the classes for 2014-2015 school year as follows:

In order to accomplish this, we will need to have 12 teachers (i.e., hire 4 additional teachers) and 4 extra portable classrooms (2 mobile units).

It is possible to accommodate 220-228 students with the mobile classes.

Based on the above numbers, we will need to have a lottery. It was decided that the lottery will take place at the school gym on Tuesday, March 4, at 6 pm. The lottery will take the place of a March governing board meeting.

  • School Update—Pat—we have 148 students and staffing is the same as it was last month. In testing, the 3rd administration of STAR tests will take place the week of February 17. CRCT tests are scheduled for the week of April 23. Teacher evaluation is on-going; 3 walk-throughs and 1 formal evaluation have been completed on all teachers. All alarm issues have been resolved and the Annex is now being monitored. All rooms in the school are currently being uses for instructional purposes and utilities continue to be a concern given extremely high bills this month.
  • Teacher Update—Tammy—project work to date: lighthouses have been ongoing since before Christmas incorporate science, geography, and a related writing piece. Kids are choosing their projects. 1st grade did a project on China and celebrated Chinese New Year with a parade. Perb asked if we could take some of the project works out into the community, for example to an Optimists Club meeting or other community groups to show examples of project-based approach. Maybe the lighthouses could be displayed at the lighthouse shop or the library? (Tammy will check with librarians the next time she is there with her class). The teachers/school made a donation to Hospice for Fanny’s mother’s passing, There is a summer in-service for teachers 6+ traits writing program, with the director of the coastal writing project Leslie Rosling. We have an opportunity to partner with UGA Skidaway Ext. and STEM school on beach project. TIMA students will collect beach trash on their visits and Anna Lee/students will turn the debris into 2 art sculptures, one to be displayed at TIMA and one to be displayed at STEM. STEM will create a video game based on the clean-up efforts. Christen said she would put Tammy and Anna is touch with local artists who also do these types of art projects together. This is a 5th grade project funded by UGA but all students grades would help collect debris.
  • PTVA (The TIMA CREW) update—Brenda--Direct Donation campaign letters went home last week
  • Fundraisers-Spelling Bee and Tour of Homes—CREW board divided list of Spelling Bee sponsors and teams and are working through it; Tour of Homes committee meetings have started.
  • TIMA CREW Direct Donations
  • Mobile Classrooms
  • Committees (Dates of meetings, goals, etc.)Safety-Tammy, Assessment--Christine, Building-, finance-Kay, Communication-Alaina and Marketing, Nominations. Christen drafted a satisfaction survey but has received no input yet from board so far on her sample. It was suggested that Pat create a spreadsheet of board/school benchmarks and the dates they occur throughout the year so the board could anticipate them and not always be reacting at the last minute. A parent satisfaction survey and student satisfaction survey are also being created. Carolyn, Perb, Pat, and Kay (finance committee) met to go over budgets and examined expenses from this year to forecast for next year. Christen recommended we keep a $500 reserve for website items next year.
  • Spelling Bee—March 6, 2014—Rather than having a teacher team, they are going to be on hand to help with the event.
  • Five Guys Burger Night –February 10, 2014
  • Enrollment, Admissions and Recommitment-through February 28, 2014

Open Agenda

Tybee Main Street has combined the Holiday tree lighting and parade onto the same day and Anna will work with the students to create sturdy ornaments that will decorate the tree. Students will have an opportunity to help put their ornaments up on the tree prior to the lighting.

Regarding the Critz Run, we didn’t have any “official” school involvement, but maybe next year we can at least put “welcome runners” on school sign and let students know about the kids fun run. SCAD/SSU/AASU supply student volunteers to help with the event.

Tammy made a motion to end the meeting and Brenda seconded. All were in favor.

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