Governing Board Minutes 11-25-13

Members present: Brenda Marion, Alaina Bennett, Kenna Wilson-Bote, Jack Baizley, Tammy Smith, Kay Fortner, Perb Fortner, Pat Rossiter, Christen Clougherty


Christen welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 7:01 pm


Kay moved to approve minutes from the last meeting; Alaina seconded; all were in favor.

Treasurer’s report—Kay

Bank balance at Savannah Bank is $5041.02 and at BB&T $40,976.32 for a total of $46,017.34.

Other assets include $32,479.98. None of the assets purchased with the federal grant monies are included in this amount.

Income: We received $10,000 from the Critz run as a donation. Additional funds were deposited from a hot dog sales fundraiser during PirateFest parade of $178.30, making total income $10,178.30.

Net expenses included field trips, student assessment, rent, insurance, custodial services, utilities and phone, and leasehold improvements for a total net income of $14,529.31.

November expenses to include: rent; utilities and phone; insurance; security system; supplies; and custodial services.

Jack made the motion to accept treasurer’s report; Alaina seconded; all in favor.

Facility and Technology Updates—Perb

Remote camera equipment ordered and hope to have it installed by the end of the year. At this point, we are waiting on Chatham County to approve it.

We need one more drop for a copier to be on the network.

Christmas Parade, School night for Christmas art, music, drama—Pat

December 17 at 6 pm in the school gym. School choral concert and a drama club performance. Christmas tree with student-made ornaments for sale to benefit art program. Brenda volunteered CREW funds to help cover refreshments.

GCSA visit to school—Pat

GCSA sent two reps to visit school; they were very impressed, especially with Pat himself as not many people switch from a public school career to charter school one. There are new requirements being added by Georgia governor for added charter school accountability next year, including teacher evaluations. GCSA asked Pat to present to the charter school group about how to handle evaluations as he is already doing formal observations and walk-throughs for teacher evaluations based on his experience doing so with public schools. “Our charter is our accountability plan.” GCSA also expressed interest in possibly holding the 2016 charter school meeting on Tybee.

New Business


Should have Lego robotics and one other grant signed off on by Pat this week or next.


We had an inspection by Selected Insurers of America, who were very impressed with our security, policies, and handbook. They suggested possibly adding a camera to the gym since that is the spot for so many school gatherings as well as lunch, gym, pryme tyme, etc. They offered a sample abuse prevention policy that we need to implement for all regular school volunteers moving forward.

Website update—Christen

This week or next, she and Pat are meeting to finalize and discuss website training for Terry and Pat to be able to update Google calendar.


Recommended that we participate in the Tybee Christmas parade similar to how we did for PirateFest (child must be accompanied by parent)

Total CREW balance from spirit wear sales and dress down days: $2226.16

SAL sponsoring a pancake breakfast fundraiser on Saturday, January 25, 2014.

Looking into a spring fundraiser similar to poker run but family friendly (maybe a “go fish” run?!)

CREW agreed to purchase folders for every student that can be used for weekly school communications and flyers.

CREW will be asking Tybee restaurants to host a monthly school night with specials and/or portion of proceeds benefitting TIMA.

Brenda and Jan to attend December MRS meeting to inquire about them sponsorsing a bbq chicken dinner fundraiser for TIMA.

Huc-A-Poos pizza will be sold at the January 14 CREW meeting, 7 pm, TIMA gym, open to all.

School Update—Pat

School pictures will be taken on Friday, December 6.

Spelling Bee date set for Thursday, March 6, 2014, at Tybee Y.

Communications: email blast “Announcements from the Bridge” going out regularly.

Iowa Basics scores exceeded the national averages. Vocabulary program being acquired to address low scores in that area, although it could be attributed to newness of taking test online, using mouse, etc.

Info on these great scores will be shared after the holidays with the BOE. Chatham County only uses the Iowa Basics Test to test for gifted program. The kids did great with online assessments and Tammy Smith commented that everything was very “stress-free.”

Week of December 9-13 2nd Star Reading and Math assessments occurring.

CRTC for 3rd and 4th grade

Students will be assigned Study Island tasks over Christmas break so as not to lose momentum on everything they’ve learned so far this year.

Chatham County has hired a full time special ed paraprofessional for TIMA.

World Ocean School 4th Grade Field Trip—Tammy

$60/student; 28 4th graders sailed the Roseway and did great. Their crew was amazing and very well-prepared to teach the kids.

Committee/teacher updates

Jack suggested we add a communication subcommittee to board and all agreed. Alaina and Jack volunteered to spearhead.

Spelling Bee March 6

Alaina, Brenda, and CREW will help getting sponsors and a committee together.

Change of next meeting date

January 6 and January 27 instead of late December meeting. This will be good as February begins open enrollments. Jack made the motion to approve the dates, Brenda seconded, and all agreed.

Open agenda

Brenda passed along a question that she had been asked about whether or not the school had plans to have an in-house nurse. Pat noted that we are not required to have a nurse or counselor and that at least 3 staff are CPR trained and they are working on a training session to get more people CPR certified.


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