Governing Board Minutes 8-19-13

TIMA Governing Board Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Jack Baizley; Carolyn Jurick; Christen Clougherty; Brenda Marion; Kay Fortner; Perb Fortner; Pat Rossiter; Tammy Smith; Kenna Wilson-Bote; Alyson Cannady; Alaina Bennett

Carolyn opened the meeting at 7 pm and welcomed all present to the first governing board meeting of the school year.

Minutes were sent out for July meeting; Jack proposed they be accepted; Christen seconded; all approved.

Treasurer’s report submitted by Kay as separate attachment to minutes.

Old Business

  • Facility update

    • Insurance—we have liability coverage of 1 million plus umbrella for 2 million; no flood insurance (cost over 12k—too cost prohibitive); unowned auto coverage and criminal coverage for staff and board/anyone on premises; have proposal for student activities when they are present in school, looking at 2 options, preference for the one covering up to 166 students, $425 annually as it covers more per day than the less expensive plan; would include off site field trips/anything during school hours/sponsored by school (e.g. weekend camping trip to Sapelo); Christen made a motion to purchase this plan for volunteer student insurance; Tammy seconded; unanimously approved.

    • Signage—all signs are installed; electrical wiring is completed on Butler sign; training for working it will be sometime this week (LED, all colors, could include photos, etc.)

    • Leasing 36 month copier from Ricoh that includes everything but paper and staples (yay! includes toner!) one parent suggested we have a second as back up/cheaper alternative than printing from printers; we are aware of savings and considering a 2nd copier, but at this point do not have funds for a 2nd copier.

    • Laptops are set up and charged; working on student log-ins with SCCPSS contact tomorrow.

    • Mimios (attach to white board to make it a smart board)—still waiting on cables; will also be able to project the 10 channels SCCPSS enables us to view.

    • Phones are in; school number is 912-395-4060.

  • Implementation grant update—we weren’t made aware of items ordered that were on back order, e.g., Ms. Mercer has tables but no cubbies; bottom line is grant is great, we are just working through the machinations of spending it and accounting for it; still waiting on that information from SCCPSS.

  • Furniture—we have furniture (all but cubbies and vault-type, fire-proof file cabinets for permanent records).

  • Opening of school – Pat

    • Great start with ribbon cutting and congressman Jack Kingston; great media coverage. Working through issues with bussing/First Student…they are trying but it is still taking time. Campus today was cleared before 5 pm. Thanks to parents who offered suggestions for changes; we apologize for the large puddle out front due to latest rain deluges; as of today we have 149 students enrolled; we lost 3 students due to busing issues. Majority of the kids at this point are parent pick up; 10-12 walkers/bikers; car pool going extremely well; day care shuttles being coordinated; beach is amazing---classes are really engaged! Lots of room for improvement but teachers are working really hard; students are a great group.

Parent question about allowing other parents to pick up their kids…we are working on a system, but as long as the teacher knows, we should be fine for getting kids home correctly. Parent asked question about kids bringing water bottles to beach; we will encourage teachers to have kids bring bottled water from home (easier with grades 2-4 than K-1). Another parent questioned what the drop off/pick up times are. Teachers get here at 8:15; preference is for students to arrive between 8:30 and 8:45. Ending time changed from 3:45 to 3:30, when car riders are dismissed first; then bus riders; then walkers/bike riders (this clears most vehicular traffic for optimal safety of walkers/bike riders/skate boarders, etc.). Tammy Smith asked if kids on Wilmington have assigned bus stops or are being picked up at their homes; Pat replied they have prescribed stops on Wilmington, such as in the various neighborhoods of Old Towne and Wilmington Island Park, but further out (e.g., Berwyck) they are probably taking them to their doors as last stop. Pat will continue to address any bus issues.

  • Changing board meeting from 3rd Monday to accommodate MLET meeting. Christen made a motion we move our meeting to the 4th Monday beginning in September. Alaina seconded. All in voted favor. The meeting will continue to be held at the school.

  • Facility grant update—we won’t know anything until the board meets at the state in mid-September

  • PBS/GPB update: Orlando Montoya and his camera man arrived at the Marion’s home at 7 am last Wednesday as part of their coverage for the Tybee Island Maritime Academy. They visited for a while off camera, then miked Jack and asked about his first two days of school and how they compared to his previous school; then miked Tyler who talked about his job in the maritime field and the impact of the school on Tybee. The camera followed Jack and Brenda as they left home for school on their bikes, then again as they arrived on campus. Not sure how much footage they took of Mr. Klaras’ class activities due to necessity of parental waivers to phorograph/videotape minors. The footage is for a new GPB show starting in January but the content should make it to the radio and internet any day now. We will keep the parents/community apprised of any further info we receive from PBS/GPB about airing, etc.

  • Thanks to DPW/TIPD/TIFD/Tammy Smith/neighbors who all helped get the water out of the gym on Friday night; we scrambled but managed to get everything electronic to high ground (that had just been unloaded that day!) WTOC picked it up on the police scanner and came out to cover it. Parent asked if those types of SOS requests could be posted to FB so parents can help if available. Another parent suggested we start a FB page just for parents like May Howard has, and another countered with a private list serv option. Pat is looking into our phone system to see if we have the auto call out options; all of these fall under purvey of starting a PTVA (parent teacher volunteer association).

  • PTVA

    • Need/want lots and lots of parent involvement; discussed PTVA vs PTA; 4 people volunteered to help get things started…Carolyn passed around a sign-up sheet and many more added their names. Decided to start out as PTVA so as to include community volunteers without kids at TIMA plus we keep all funds raised and get things off the ground this first year and look ahead to other options moving forward. There should be a parent rep and a teacher rep for the PTVA. What do we need to do as a board as a next step? Karen Martin-Bazemore volunteered to take charge calling anyone who signed up on the sign up list and planning an informational meeting/getting that info to Carolyn to post to FB. Tammy suggested that each class brainstorm mascot ideas and narrow down to top 3 ideas, then vote from there. Carolyn will send the part of our charter discussing PTVA as well as info on PTA, etc. to Karen so she understands the differences and can represent that to those interested in serving. They will look to have their meetings some time the third week of the month so any items for governing board consideration can be added to our agenda for meeting the fourth Monday of the month.

  • Website update—new phone # is on site; agendas and governing board minutes need to be added to website. Also add link to pdf download of charter. Sean McNally mentioned that the WordPress site is ready to be switched over whenever we decide to. Christen was going to contact Jillison about the existing website to clarify if Joomla and WordPress can “communicate.”

  • September 29 Tybee Island Community Day—great opportunity to get community/parent volunteers; good event for PTVA to get started on. All agreed we should participate.

  • Board parent position open—please apply if you are interested. 1 year commitment. Carolyn will also post info to FB and include in letter to parents covering lot of details and answering many of the items/questions covered in tonight’s meeting.

  • Posting school zone speed limit to surrounding streets, including Jones Avenue. DOT assured us they are working on the signs; in the interim, TIPD are on Butler with their flashers; Perb will follow up with city manager regarding Jones Street.

  • Emergency preparedness plan—include Tybee road closures in call outs (e.g., high tides, accidents, etc.)


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