Governing Board Minutes 8-14-17

Governing Board Meeting Minutes August 14, 2017

Welcome: Carolyn welcomed the group and called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. The board members introduced themselves. Board members present: Duff Smith, Heather Harvey, Sara Mitchell, Pat Rossiter, Jason Ball, Carolyn Jurick, Kay Fortner, Tammy Smith, Perb Fortner, Christy Edwards, Summer Robertson, Charlene Grissom, Col. George Bowen and Brigitte VanBaelen.
TIMA Crew: Susie Glauner (President)
Minutes: Sara Mitchell
The July minutes were approved. Duff Smith made a motion to approve, Kay Fortner seconded; all were in favor.
Budget: Kay Fortner
Treasurer's Report
The Bank Accounts have been reconciled for June & July 2017. As of July, the reconciled bank balances are BB&T $ 1,477,531.98, PayPal TIMA $ 2,310.02, and PayPal Tour of Homes $ 8,085.15 for a total of $ 1,487,927.15 for the month ending July 31, 2017.
June 2017 Income:
$239,265.42- SCCPSS
$ 617.66- Refund Strawbridge Yearbooks
$ 30.00 Savannah Bananas Tickets
$1592 .84 Tour of Homes Expense- Sam's Card Lunch -Total Tour of Homes income $15,992.47
$ 153.947.00 - Salaries and Benefits
$ 3,000 Outside Contractors Russ Moore Charter Renewal
$ 296.00 Summer Help-Trey Ason
$ 4012.99 Instruction Books $360.70 Supplies and Equipment$ 3,652.29
$ 671.31 Student Awards and End of year Party
$1.242.57- Janitorial Supplies
$ 2,990.00- Custodial Services
$ 454.61 Equipment Rental Copier
$ 5,167.00 Rent
$ 2,835 Rent Modular Classrooms

$ 3,087.89 Utilities
$183.11 Recognition Dr. Lockamy
$ 2,100.00 Software Management and Inventory
$1,088.93 Supplies Office$ 826.39, Bank Charge$ 42.46, Dues $21.98, Credit Card fees$ 198.10
$ 368.96 Telephone
$643.80 Outside Printing- Charter Renewal
$ 220.00--Propeller Club
$ 790.00-Georgia Underwriting Insurance

July 2017 Income:
$ 435.71 Fundraisers-Other
$ 81,963.00 - Salaries and Benefits
$ 152.00- Summer Help-Outside Contractor
$ 3,858.78 Instruction Books
$ 3,586.81 Classroom Supplies
$ 4,790.00 Classroom Software- Study Island Core Library
$ 2,944.55 Student Assessment
$ 0- Custodial Services (Paid $2,990.00 in August)
$ 255.77 Equipment Rental Copier
$ 109.00 Building Maintenance
$ 5,167.00 Rent
$ 2,835 Rent Modular Classrooms
$ 2,192 .52 Utilities
$ 309.98 Supplies Office$ 81.89, Bank Charge$ 19.00, Dues$ 10.99, Credit Card fees$ 198.10
$ 334.85 Telephone
$ 1,570.00- Insurance
$ 125.00- Conference Georgia Education Leadership

Sara Mitchell moved to accept Treasurer's report, Jason Ball seconded, all were in favor.
Faculty Training
Carolyn Jurick presented options to the board regarding faculty training dates relating to make-up dates for school. Duff Smith made a motion for the faculty to be allowed to select dates for faculty training, Jason Ball seconded, all were in favor
Charter Renewal
Carolyn Jurick provided an update on the charter renewal process. The board discussed potential upcoming meetings with various boards of education. Kay Fortner will provide talking points. More information and dates will be communicated to the group via email.
Facility Update

Perb Fortner presented his report on the status of the physical plant at TIMA and provided and update on the lease from the archdiocese. Perb Fortner provided an update on necessary board approvals needed regarding insurance coverage updates. Sara Mitchell made a motion to approve option #2, Duff Smith seconded, all were in favor.

Facility Grant Update

Carolyn Jurick provided an update on the facility grant filed with the state of Georgia. Carolyn thanked Duff Smith for managing this project and will provided updates as results are announced.

Academic/Leadership Update

Pat Rossiter provided a high-level summary of the new school year and reported: EIP update, new hire updates, a 10:1 student teacher ratio, updated class schedules, special education updates, CCRPI, and a great start to the school year.
Strategic Plan Update
Christy Edwards provided an update on our strategic planning process and incorporating our charter goals into the plan. Christy led a brief discussion of committee structure on the board. More efforts will be spent on this at our next meeting.
Bylaws Update
Duff Smith provided a brief update on the status of the updated bylaws. These will be discussed in greater detail during our next meeting.
Susie Glauner provided an update to the board regarding upcoming activities for the new school year, including the upcoming Open House. Susie asked for assistance with bonding services and Perb offered to help.

Jason Ball moved that we go into executive session; Kay Fortner seconded; all were in favor.

Executive Session

New personnel discussed.

After executive session, Kay Fortner moved to adjourn governing board meeting; Heather Harvey seconded; all were in favor.


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