Governing Board Minutes 6-12-17

Governing Board

Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2017

Welcome and Introduction: Carolyn welcomed everyone and started the meeting at 6:30. Present: Tammy Smith, Pat Rossiter, Carolyn Jurick, Heather Harvey, Kay Fortner, Perb Fortner, Brenda Marion, Jason Ball, Sara Mitchell. Charlene Grisson was also in attendance as our new Community Governing Board Member

Minutes: Brenda                                                                                                                     

Heather moved to approve the May meeting minutes. Sara seconded; all were in favor.

Budget: Kay presented the budget and noted she reconciled the bank accounts/budget for May.

Tour of Homes for 2017 made $17585.00

Tour of Homes for 2016 made $13088.00

Huge thanks for everyone’s hard work to make this year so successful.



Received $4000.00 from TIMA Crew to be allocated to all the teachers to use for their classrooms etc.

$2000.00 from Savannah Steel

Five Guys May fundraiser – not sure of the amount




$ 6000.00 for Russ

$ 4119.00 for the screen flex port dividers

 New computers and Hired teachers

Brenda moved to approve Kay’s report; Sara seconded; all were in favor.

Charter renewal—Carolyn

The Charter renewal was sent to SCCPS 5/31, the deadline was 6/9

SCCPS board has 90 days to approve or deny the renewal.  Russ will attend any meetings with the school board.

Who have until September to give us an answer.  The charter will then be sent to the state of Georgia who has 60 days to approve – until November

We currently have 67 economically disadvantaged children in our school and we expect this number to increase next year.

Facilities:  Perb advised work on the annex is underway and the air conditioning is still broken but is being worked on.

Pat: CCRPI –

Reading:  out of 112 students only 13% were below grade level and those students are in SPED or RTI

87% are at or above their level

ELA:  88% of the students are at or above grade level

52% are proficient

7 students are below but are in SPED while 94% are at or developing or above

This is a 56% / 14 point gain

Science: 48% of students are proficient

Essentially our progress rating is 39.6 and the highest rating is 40.

Carolyn advised we have openings in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades

There was a proposal for TIMA to join the Propeller Club and Jason is going to get the information on the yearly

dues and revert back to the board.

It was discussed about the new committees needed for next year and decided at least 3 people are needed to form

a committee.

New Board members will be introduced at the August meeting.

Brigitte VanBaelen

Charlene Grissom

Summer Roberson

On behalf of the board we’d like to thank BRENDA MARION from the bottom of our hearts for devoting the last 7 years to

 the TIMA Governing Board!!

No members of the public were present so no public comment

Christy moved we go in to Executive Session and Heather seconded.

The hiring of new teachers was discussed along with the difference in salaries.       


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