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Tybee Island Youth Council at the State Capitol

Youth Council

Nine TIMA students have traveled to the State Capitol with the Tybee Island Youth Council, an organization promoting youth development through participation in government programs. They will visit the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, the Senate and meet with the Governor to discuss important issues effecting young students. Thank you for your service!

4th Grade Students:

Mikaree Stafford
aNiya Bowers
Drake Hughes
Joey Webster

5th Grade Students:

Ava McNally
David Rimes
Kurt Clark
Kylie Kline
Azure Duree




Tybee Island Maritime Academy (TIMA) creates a supportive, highly involved learning community, which promotes the highest academic achievement through a maritime, career focused, project-based curriculum centered on the natural and historical context of Tybee Island and the surrounding Savannah area.

TIMA guides students in the development of character and academic potential through a rigorous, content-rich, hands-on project-based curriculum. TIMA includes character-enrichment combined with a focus on skill development leading to successful career opportunities.

TIMA is founded on the belief that education is a means by which each individual has the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential. TIMA is the first and only elementary school in the state of Georgia with an educational program focused on career choices with emphasis on maritime education integrated with the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS).


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